• General
  • Under 12 not admitted
  • Under 15 not admitted
  • Under 18 not admitted
  • Guest Visit
  • Korean Subtitles+English Subtitles or Dialogue
  • Korean Subtitles+Non-English Dialogue
  • Korean Subtitles+Korean Dialogue
  • No Dialogue
  • (Unmarked)-English Subtitles+Korean Dialogue
Guest Visit Notice
  • Guest Visits for some international films will be held virtually.
  • Korean-English translations for some Korean films in Korean Film Today-Panorama, Korean Short Film Competition, and On Screen section screenings will not be available.

2022. Screening

※ Notice

  • GV(Guest Visit) schedules can be changed without beforehand notice.
  • Child under age 6 is not allowed in theater.
  • Any types of camera, recording devices are prohibited inside of theater, and filming is not allowed, according to copyright law.
  • Until, after 15 minutes from film start, entering is allowed.