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Korean Cinema Today

Urbanization · Adventure · Love/Romance · Social Criticism · Coming of Age  

  • CountryKorea
  • Production Year2017
  • Running Time102min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Miso is a 31-year-old housemaid making 45,000 KRW per day in Seoul. Her only joys in life are cigarettes, one glass of whiskey after work, and her poor boyfriend who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist. Though not rich, Miso is content until she reaches a crisis. Beginning on the first day of the year, the cost of cigarettes rises a whole 2,000 KRW! Such a rise in price is enough for a daily worker like Miso to have to decide to give something up. Unable to let go of either whiskey or cigarettes, she decides to give up her home. The price of housing in Seoul is, after all, the most expensive thing to her. After putting all her belongings in a backpack and a carrier bag, she begins searching out the five friends with whom she was in a band during her 20s. As she searches for her friends spread throughout Seoul, we meet normal people living normal lives. This is a story of today’s youths, poor but holding on to their self-respect. (NAM Dong-chul)
JEON Gowoon
Jeon Gowoon graduated from Konkuk University, and majored in directing at Korea National University of Arts. She made several short films, and founded Gwanghwamuncinema in 2013 at which she produced the feature, Sunshine Boys. Microhabitat (2017) is JEON’s feature debut.
  • Director JEON Gowoon 전고운
  • Producer Soonmo KIM
  • Cast Som LEE, Jaehong AHN, Duckmoon CHOI, Jaewha KIM, Kukhee KIM, Sungwook LEE, Jinah KANG, Soohyang CHO
  • Screenplay Gowoon JEON
  • Cinematography Taesoo KIM
  • Production Design Namsook KIM
  • Editor Bonggon GO
  • Sound Yongki PARK
  • Music Hyunjeong KWUN
  • Production Company Gwanghwamuncinema,Motto,