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Old Love

Korean Cinema Today

Adventure · Love/Romance · Coming of Age  

  • CountryKorea,Japan
  • Production Year2017
  • Running Time89min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
One winter day, a man and a woman meet after 25 years by chance encounter at Incheon Airport. She was visiting Korea to see her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease, and he was seeing off his daughter on her way to study in Australia. One week after the disordered encounter, they meet again over lunch, spending some time together. Neither of them shows their true self, but they reveal leftover sentiments for each other, both feeling a romantic thrill and confusion at the same time. Old Love is a melodrama about middle aged old flames, but it doesn’t indulge in the fantasy end of the genre. Rather, it is more about showing the process of how a fantasy breaks. They revisit Gangchon where they had met in their old college days, trying to recall the youthful feelings of that time. However, the reality is already too harsh for both of them. What they feel instead is a deep-rooted tiredness with life, having a friend who is in the final phase of cancer, financial difficulties due to business failure, divorce, separation by death, so on and so forth. Those blazing flames of love only exist in their memories.(NAM Dong-chul)
PARK Kiyong
Park Kiyong directed Motel Cactus(1997), Camels(2001), Garibong(2013), Yanji(2015), and Picture of Hell (2016) among others that screened and won prizes at various film festivals. While making films, he served as the chairperson of KAFA and as festival director of Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival, etc. He taught at Oakland University, Dongseo University, and now teaches at Dankook University.
  • Director PARK Kiyong 박기용
  • Cast Jungah YOO, Taehoon KIM, Moonhee KIM, Yoonkeun KWON, Gasup LEE
  • Cinematography Tsutomu OGAWA
  • Sound Namgyu HA
  • Music Hiroyuki NAGASHIMA
  • Production Company b films
    Korea 305-702, 93, Poilsegeori-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea