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Special Program in Focus

One More Chance
  • Family/Child
  • Country/RegionHong Kong, China
  • Production Year2023
  • Running Time115min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
The Chinese title of the film One More Chance translates to “Don’t call me the God of Gamblers,” a parody of the highly successful film God of Gamblers . Leaving behind the glory of his past in Hong Kong, Chow Yun Fat returns as a single father managing a beauty salon in Macau. This role is particularly welcoming to fans who know him not only as an action hero but also the star of numerous comedy films, oscillating between the roles of a “killer” and a “romantic loser.” Additionally, his interactions with his autistic son evoke memories of his past works—All About Ah-Long, where he showed profound paternal love for his son; God of Gamblers, where he portrayed a world-famous gambler who suffers a head injury and regresses to a childlike state; and A Better Tomorrow II, where he looks after his boss, who loses his mind after his daughter is murdered. Yet One More Chance avoids predictable expectations and becomes Chow Yun Fat’s version of Like Father, Like Son, tugging at the audience’s heartstrings. (JU Sungchul)
Anthony PUN
Anthony Pun is a cinematographer and director in Hong Kong. He has worked on films such as Heroic Duo (2003), New Police Story (2004), and Divergence (2005), and won the Best Cinematography of Hong Kong Film Awards with The Silent War (2012). In 2017, he collaborated with director Alan Mak on the film Extraordianry Misson (2017).
Anthony PUN
Ronald WONG
Yun-Fat CHOW, Anita YUEN, Alex FONG, Kai Chi LIU, Andy ON, Will OR
Wai Kai TAM
Production Design
Lim Chung MAN
Curran PANG
Kaikangwol RUNGSAKORN, Chi Hung LAI
Yusuke HATANO, Tai DAY
World Sales
Distribution Worshop (BVI) Ltd.