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Special Premiere

Believer 2
  • Psychology/Mystery/Suspence/Thriller
  • Action/Martial Arts
  • Country/RegionKorea
  • Production Year2023
  • Running Time115min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Detective Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong) risks everything to apprehend the leader of a vast drug cartel, known as ‘Mr. Lee,’ and in so doing, becomes entangled in a complex relationship with two of the organization’s prominent figures, Brian (Cha Seung-won) and Rak (Oh Seung-hoon). Meanwhile, a formidable and brutal figure named Big Knife (Han Hyo-joo) emerges within their midst. This movie is precisely what audiences have been waiting for after the open-ended conclusion of its predecessor, Believer (2018). Utilizing the scene at Yongsan Station, which delivered a thrilling twist in the previous film, as a starting point, Believer 2 once again delves into the enigma of ‘Who is Mr. Lee?’—a question that gained popularity following Believer. The film weaves a fresh rendition of the extended storyline. Carrying forward the strengths of its successful predecessor, Believer 2 returns as a high-budget crime action movie with heightened stakes, fiercer adversaries, an abundance of action sequences, and deeper emotional moments. (JUNG Hanseok)
After beginning his career as an advertising designer, Baik has expanded his activities into other areas, including directing ads and music videos. He has also taken an active role in planning brands for products such as eyewear, lingerie, and stationery. He even ventured into directing films. Baik made his feature film directorial debut with The Beauty Inside (2015). Believer 2, his second feature, is a midquel of the highly successful Believer (Lee Hae-young 2018).
Seung-young LIM
Jin-woong CHO, Seung-won CHA, Hyo-joo HAN, Seung-hoon OH
Executive Producer
Hee-soon JUNG
Production Company
Yong Film