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Opening Film

Because I Hate Korea
  • Family/Child
  • Travel/Road Movie
  • Love/Romance
  • Coming of Age
  • Women
  • Country/RegionKorea
  • Production Year2023
  • Running Time106min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Gye-na (Ko A-sung) hates Korea. As she contemplates her life in her late twenties, she sees only weariness and helplessness in the monotony of her existence. Although her devoted partner, Ji-myung (Kim Woo-kyum), treats her well, he can’t provide the type of happiness she craves. Additionally, the differing socioeconomic statuses of Gye-na’s and Ji-myung’s families creates an uncomfortable rift for her. Following a gathering with Ji-myung’s family, her discomfort evolves into sudden anger. Eventually, she abandons everything and embarks on a journey to New Zealand in search of a fresh start. There, she encounters kind friends, including Jae-in (Joo Jong-hyuk), while enjoying a tranquil life. Because I Hate Korea is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jang Kang-myung, published in 2015. This new flm by director Jang Kun-jae, known for showcasing his talents across various domains such as directing and producing, including A Midsummer’s Fantasia, captures the ongoing concerns of the younger generation, personifed by Gye-na. The author encapsulates the novel’s central theme as ‘how to live,’ and the movie thoughtfully explores this question without resorting to quick solutions. Throughout the flm, cross-editing between Gye-na’s life in Korea and her experiences in New Zealand captivates the viewer, unveiling the intricate nuances of her emotions in each setting—frustration, desperation, and liberation—amidst distinct locations, climates, and societies. This dynamic approach infuses the entire movie with vitality. The result is a straightforward yet powerful ode to youth that captures the essence and sentiments of the younger generation, and an earnest exploration of the pursuit of happiness. (JUNG Hanseok)
JANG Kun-jae
Jang Kun-jae graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts with a major in cinematography and worked as a director of photography for independent films. He directed several short films including A Requiem (2000), Do Not Let Me In Fight (2003), and Time in Heaven (2007) before he debuted with his first feature Eighteen (2009), which went on to win the Dragons and Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the Nuovo Cinema Award at the Pesaro Film Festival. His following film, Sleepless Night (2012), won the Grand Prize and the Audience Award at the Jeonju International Film Festival and was introduced at the Edinburgh International Film Festival as well as the Nantes Three Continents Festival. A Misdummer′s Fantasia (2014) received the Directors Guild of Korea Award at the Busan International Film Festival and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. His recent works include Vestige (2020, codirected with Kim Jongkwan), Juhee from 5 to 7 (2022) and a Tving original series Monstrous (2022).
JANG Kun-jae
Hee-young YOUN
A-sung KO, Woo-kyum KIM, Jong-hyuk JOO, Sang-hee LEE, Min-ae OH, Seung-hyun PARK, Ji-young KIM, Seong-il PARK, Stone MEANINGFUL, Morgan OEY , Trae TE WIKI
Kun-jae JANG
Hui-seok NA
Production Design
Sun-ha KIM
Yeon-jeong LEE
Chul-ho CHANG
Hyun-jeong KWUN
Executive Producer
Woo-ri KIM
Production Company
Korea No. 101, 55-14, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
World Sales
Showbox Corp.
Korea 9F, 916bldg, 310, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul