Selection List

Opening Film

Title Director Country/Region
Because I Hate Korea JANG Kun-jae Korea
Closing Film

Title Director Country/Region
The Movie Emperor NING Hao China
Gala Presentation
Influential filmmakers and actors present their films in Busan to celebrate their artistic achievements.

Title Director Country/Region
Green Night HAN Shuai Hong Kong, China
Monster KORE-EDA Hirokazu Japan
The Beast Bertrand BONELLO France / Canada
A showcase of the latest films of contemporary iconic filmmakers from around the world.

Title Director Country/Region
A Brighter Tomorrow Nanni MORETTI Italy / France
About Dry Grasses Nuri BILGE CEYLAN Turkiye / France / Germany / Sweden
Anatomy of a Fall Justine TRIET France
Anselm Wim WENDERS Germany
Close Your Eyes Víctor ERICE Spain / Argentina
Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World Radu JUDE Romania / Luxembourg / France / Croatia
Elegies Ann HUI Hong Kong, China
Essential Truths of the Lake Lav DIAZ Philippines / France / Singapore / Portugal / Italy / Switzerland / United Kingdom
Eureka Lisandro ALONSO France / Argentina / Germany / Portugal / Mexico
Evil Does Not Exist HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke Japan
Fallen Leaves Aki KAURISMÄKI Finland / Germany
Green Border Agnieszka HOLLAND Poland / Czech Republic / France / Belgium
IN OUR DAY HONG Sangsoo Korea
IN WATER HONG Sangsoo Korea
Kidnapped Marco BELLOCCHIO Italy / France / Germany
La Chimera Alice ROHRWACHER Italy / France / Switzerland
Last Summer Catherine BREILLAT France
Menus Plaisirs - Les Troisgros Frederick WISEMAN United States / France
Music Angela SCHANELEC Germany / France / Serbia
On the Adamant Nicolas PHILIBERT France / Japan
Pictures of Ghosts Kleber MENDONÇA FILHO Brazil
Poor Things Yorgos LANTHIMOS United Kingdom
The Book of Solutions Michel GONDRY France
The Holdovers Alexander PAYNE United States
The Killer David FINCHER United States
The Old Oak Ken LOACH United Kingdom / France / Belgium
The Plough Philippe GARREL France / Switzerland
The Pot-au-Feu TRAN Anh Hung France
The Shadowless Tower ZHANG Lu China
Youth(Spring) WANG Bing France / Luxembourg / Netherlands
A competition section for established Asian filmmakers with three or more feature films. The two best films are presented with the Kim Jiseok Award. The award was created in commemoration of the late Kim Jiseok, program director who devoted his life to nurture and support Asian cinema.

Title Director Country/Region
24 Hours with Gaspar Yosep Anggi NOEN Indonesia
At the End of the Film AHN Sunkyoung Korea
Blesser LEE Sangcheol Korea
Bride Kidnapping Mirlan ABDYKALYKOV Kyrgyzstan
Doi Boy Nontawat NUMBENCHAPOL Thailand / Cambodia
Ichiko TODA Akihiro Japan
Moro Brillante MENDOZA Philippines
Paradise Prasanna VITHANAGE Sri Lanka / India
Something Like an Autobiography Mostofa Sarwar FAROOKI Bangladesh
The Moon ISHII Yuya Japan
A Window on Asian Cinema
A peek into the various styles and visions within Asian Cinema, highlighting the latest films from well-established directors as well as the upcoming rookies of the industry. The audience can grasp the zeitgeist of Asian films of the year.

Title Director Country/Region
A Boy and A Girl HSU Li-Da Taiwan
A Road to A Village Nabin SUBBA Nepal
A Song Sung Blue GENG Zihan China
Agra Kanu BEHL India / France
Ali Topan Sidharta TATA Indonesia
Beyond the Fog MURASE Daichi Japan
City of Wind PUREV-OCHIR Lkhagvadulam France / Mongolia / Portugal / Netherlands / Germany / Qatar
Critical Zone Ali AHMADZADEH Iran / Germany
Following the Sound SUGITA Kyoshi Japan
Guras Saurav RAI India / Nepal
If Only I Could Hibernate PUREVDASH Zoljargal Mongolia / France / Switzerland / Qatar
In Flames Zarrar KAHN Canada / Pakistan
Inshallah a Boy Amjad AL RASHEED Jordan / France / Saudi Arabia / Qatar
Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell PHAM THIEN An Vietnam / Singapore / France / Spain
Joram Devashish MAKHIJA India
KYRIE IWAI Shunji Japan
Morrison Phuttiphong AROONPHENG France / Thailand
One Second Ahead, One Second Behind YAMASHITA Nobuhiro Japan
Only the River Flows WEI Shujun China
Rapture Dominic SANGMA India / China / Qatar / Switzerland / Netherlands
Remembering Every Night KIYOHARA Yui Japan
Ripples OGIGAMI Naoko Japan
Salli LIEN Chien-Hung Taiwan / France
Sara Ismail BASBETH Indonesia
Scream Kenzhebek SHAIKAKOV Kazakhstan
Ten Years Myanmar Thaiddhi, Nay Wunn NI, Myo Thar KHIN, Aung MIN, Lamin OO Myanmar
The Monk and the Gun Pawo Choyning DORJI Bhutan / United States / France / Taiwan
The Scavenger of Dreams Suman GHOSH India
Whispering Mountains Jagath MANUWARNA Sri Lanka
Women from Rote Island Jeremias NYANGOEN Indonesia
New Currents
A competition among up-and-coming Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that bestows two films with a New Currents Award. All films must be presented as World or International Premiere.

Title Director Country/Region
After the Fever YAMAMOTO Akira Japan
Borrowed Time CHOY Ji China
Heritage LEE Jong-su Korea
Oasis of Now CHIA Chee Sum Malaysia / Singapore / France
SEPTEMBER 1923 MORI Tatsuya Japan
Solids by the Seashore Patiparn BOONTARIG Thailand
That Summer′s Lie SOHN Hyun-lok Korea
The Spark Rajesh S. JALA India
The Stranger Biplob SARKAR Bangladesh
The Wrestler Iqbal H. CHOWDHURY Bangladesh / Canada
Korean Cinema Today - Special Premiere
This section premieres the latest and representative selections of contemporary Korean mainstream commercial films with special public attractions and status.

Title Director Country/Region
Ballerina LEE Chung-hyun Korea
Believer 2 BAIK Korea
Hopeless KIM Chang-hoon Korea
Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
An introduction to the year's most significant and popular Korean films, from commercial blockbusters to art house favorites.

Title Director Country/Region
A Man of Reason JUNG Woosung Korea
Honeysweet LEE Han Korea
IT′S OKAY! KIM Hyeyoung Korea
Ms. Apocalypse LIM Sun-ae Korea
Picnic KIM Yong-gyun Korea
Ransomed KIM Seong-hun Korea
Soulmate MIN Yong-keun Korea
Korean Cinema Today - Vision
A carefully selected lineup of Korean independent feature films of the year and a glimpse into the future of Korean cinema.

Title Director Country/Region
Concerning My Daughter LEE Mirang Korea
Delivery JANG Min-joon Korea
FAQ KIM Da-min Korea
House of the Seasons OH Jung-min Korea
Isle of Snakes Eu-min KIM Korea
Last Summer CHOI Seung-woo Korea
Sorigouldari: The Sound Underpass GUPASU Ryunhoi Korea
The Berefts Jeong Beom, HUR Jang Korea
The Guest YEON Jegwang Korea
Work to Do PARK Hong-jun Korea
World Cinema
A showcase of the year's non-Asian narrative features including the latest works from well-known filmmakers and international film festival awardees.

Title Director Country/Region
Adagio Stefano SOLLIMA Italy
Alemania María ZANETTI Argentina / Spain
Behind the Mountains Mohamed BEN ATTIA Tunisia / Belgium / France / Italy / Saudi Arabia / Qatar
Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry Elene NAVERIANI Switzerland / Georgia
Blaga′s Lessons Stephan KOMANDAREV Bulgaria / Germany
Club Zero Jessica HAUSNER Austria / Germany / France / United Kingdom
Explanation for Everything Gábor REISZ Hungary / Slovak Republic
Finally Dawn Saverio COSTANZO Italy
Here Bas DEVOS Belgium
Holly Fien TROCH Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg / France
Housekeeping for Beginners Goran STOLEVSKI Republic of North Macedonia / Poland / Croatia / Serbia / Kosovo
Marguerite′s Theorem Anna NOVION France / Switzerland
Red Rooms Pascal PLANTE Canada
Starring Jerry as Himself Law CHEN United States
The Delinquents Rodrigo MORENO Argentina / Luxembourg / Brazil / Chile
The Goldman Case Cédric KAHN France
The King Tide Christian SPARKES Canada
The Last Night of Amore Andrea DI STEFANO Italy
The Promised Land Nikolaj ARCEL Denmark / Sweden / Germany
The Teachers′ Lounge İlker ÇATAK Germany
Vincent Must Die Stéphan CASTANG France / Belgium
Woman of... Małgorzata SZUMOWSKA, Michał ENGLERT Poland / Sweden
Flash Forward
A competition among non-Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that take an innovative and original approach to cinema. The winner is decided by the audience and awarded the Flash Forward Award.

Title Director Country/Region
An Endless Sunday Alain PARRONI Italy / Germany / Ireland
How to Have Sex Molly MANNING WALKER United Kingdom / Greece
Shayda Noora NIASARI Australia
The Dreamer Anaïs TELLENNE France
The Peasants DK WELCHMAN, Hugh WELCHMAN Poland / Serbia / Lithuania
The Rye Horn Jaione CAMBORDA Spain / Portugal / Belgium
The Vanishing Soldier Dani ROSENBERG Israel
Upon Open Sky Mariana ARRIAGA, Santiago ARRIAGA Mexico / Spain
Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.

Title Director Country/Region
Christmas in Summer LEE Gahong Korea
Fisher Boy NAM Dong-hyun Korea
Flavor of Sisterhood HWANG Inwon Korea
Home LEE Hyebin Korea
KARMA CHOI Soohyuk Korea
MYDEAR JEON Dohee, KIM Sohee Korea
New Morning of an Artificial World SONG Jinwook Korea
Sally LEE Jeong-joo Korea
She Wants True Love YEOM On Korea
Three Questions That Lead to Love Eun-grace KO Korea
Wide Angle - Asian Short Film Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.

Title Director Country/Region
21 Weeks Later Nasrin MOHAMMADPOUR Iran
Everybody’s Gotta Love Sometimes Sein LYAN TUN France / Myanmar / Indonesia
Headless Horsemen Ovsanna GEVORGYAN Armenia / Serbia
Lamb Lamb Lamb SONG Dongxu China
Reclaim My Summer CHEN Hao-wei Taiwan
Roller Coaster CHEN Xinyan, ZHANG Jingchen China
The Rootless Bloom Rein MAYCHAELSON Indonesia
The Witness Tree Niranjan Raj BHETWAL Nepal
Wide Angle - Documentary Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.

Title Director Country/Region
An Owl, A Garden & The Writer Sara DOLATABADI France / Switzerland / Iran
Flickering Lights Anupama SRINIVASAN, Anirban DUTTA India
Rather be Ashes Than Dust Alan LAU Hong Kong, China / Canada / United Kingdom
Republic JIN Jiang Singapore / China
The Daughters of That Day KOH Hoon Korea
The Night of the Factory Girls KIM Geonhee Korea
The Voices of the Silenced PARK Soo-nam, PARK Maeui Korea / Japan
Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.

Title Director Country/Region
Against the Tide Sarvnik KAUR India / France
And the King Said, What a Fantastic Machine Axel DANIELSON, Maximilien VAN AERTRYCK Sweden / Denmark
Beyond Utopia Madeleine GAVIN United States
Dear Jinri JUNG Yoonsuk Korea
Four Daughters Kaouther BEN HANIA France / Tunisia / Germany / Saudi Arabia
Kiarostami at Work Seifollah SAMADIAN Iran
Kiss the Future Nenad CICIN-SAIN United States / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Ireland / United Kingdom
Promise MIN Byung-hun Korea
Talking with Rivers Mohsen MAKHMALBAF Iran / United Kingdom
The List Hana MAKHMALBAF United Kingdom / Afghanistan / Iran
The Mother of All Lies Asmae EL MOUDIR Morocco / Egypt / Saudi Arabia / Qatar
Watercolors LEE Inhoon, KIM Namsuk, KIM Hyunsoo Korea
Yellow Door: ′90s Lo-fi Film Club LEE Hyuk-rae Korea
Open Cinema
A collection of new and internationally acclaimed films that offer an ideal mix of the popular with the artistic are screened at the hallmark outdoor theater.

Title Director Country/Region
A Better Tomorrow (4K Restoration) John WOO Hong Kong, China
Dogman Luc BESSON France
One More Chance Anthony PUN Hong Kong, China
Revolver Lily YUKISADA Isao Japan
Rocky and Rani′s Love Story Karan JOHAR India
The Animal Kingdom Thomas CAILLEY France
Midnight Passion
A collection of thrillers, horror and action films that are certain to keep diehard genre fans awake throughout the night.

Title Director Country/Region
Birth/Rebirth Laura MOSS United States
Deadland Lance LARSON United States
Fatum Juan GALIÑANES Spain
Raging Grace Paris ZARCILLA United Kingdom
On Screen
Presentation of highly anticipated or most talked about drama series of the year.

Title Director Country/Region
A Bloody Lucky Day PIL Gam-sung Korea
Cigarette Girl Kamila ANDINI, Ifa ISFANSYAH Indonesia
LTNS JEON Gowoon, LIM Daehyung Korea
The Deal LEE Jung-gon Korea
Vigilante CHOI Jeongyeol Korea
Special Program in Focus I - CHOW Yun Fat: True Colors of a Hero 周潤發之英雄風範
‘CHOW Yun Fat: True Colors of a Hero’ will screen a total of three films – two signature works of Chow Yun Fat, along with his latest film. Chow is also an awardee of the Asian Filmmaker of the Year. ‘The Chow Yun Fat phenomenon’ firmly set its roots throughout Asia and he is remembered as an iconic actor of our time. The program provide an opportunity to immerse ourselves in Chow’s boundless talent. The three films highlight a hero from each decade: the 1980s, 2000s, and 2020s, each exuding distinct charms.

Title Director Country/Region
A Better Tomorrow (4K Restoration) John WOO Hong Kong, China
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (4K Restoration) Ang LEE Taiwan / Hong Kong, China / United States / China
One More Chance Anthony PUN Hong Kong, China
Special Program in Focus Ⅱ - Korean Diasporic Cinema
This year’s Special Program in Focus Ⅱ is “Korean Diasporic Cinema”. With the rapid growth of OTT platforms and the global spread of the K-Wave, Hollywood began to take notice of filmmakers from the Korean diaspora. Through this special exhibition, we aim to delve deeply into their creative processes and provide an opportunity to evaluate the positions they hold within the American film industry.

Title Director Country/Region
Burning LEE Chang-dong Korea
Columbus Kogonada United States
Jamojaya Justin CHON United States / Indonesia
Minari Lee Isaac CHUNG United States
Past Lives Celine SONG United States / Korea
Searching Aneesh CHAGANTY United States / Russia
Special Program in Focus Ⅲ - Renaissance of Indonesian Cinema
This year’s Special Program in Focus Ⅲ is “Renaissance of Indonesian Cinema”. Indonesia is currently gaining strong momentum in film production, presenting a variety of intriguing films. From a diverse range of characters spanning across different genres to short films by emerging directors preparing for their feature film debuts, we can focus on Indonesian cinema, which is rapidly emerging as a key player in the Asian film industry.

Title Director Country/Region
24 Hours with Gaspar Yosep Anggi NOEN Indonesia
Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy Khozy RIZAL Indonesia
Cigarette Girl Kamila ANDINI, Ifa ISFANSYAH Indonesia
Dancing Colors M. Reza FAHRIYANSYAH Indonesia
Impetigore Joko ANWAR Indonesia / United States / Korea
Posesif Edwin Indonesia
Sara Ismail BASBETH Indonesia
Tales of the Otherwords BW Purba NEGARA Indonesia
The Sea Calls for Me Tumpal TAMPUBOLON Indonesia
Vania on Lima Street Bayu Prihantoro FILEMON Indonesia
What They Don′t Talk About When They Talk About Love Mouly SURYA Indonesia
Where the Wild Frangipanis Grow Nirartha Bas DIWANGKARA Indonesia
Special Screening

Title Director Country/Region
Mist KIM Soo-yong Korea
Poetry LEE Chang-dong Korea
Ryuichi Sakamoto|Opus SORA Neo Japan