Selection List

Opening Film
Title Director Production Country
Scent of Wind Hadi MOHAGHEGH Iran
Closing Film
Title Director Production Country
A Man ISHIKAWA Kei Japan
Gala Presentation
Influential filmmakers and actors present their films in Busan to celebrate their artistic achievements.
Title Director Production Country
Nobody′s Hero Alain GUIRAUDIE France
Scarlet Pietro MARCELLO France / Italy / Germany
A showcase of the latest films of contemporary iconic filmmakers from around the world.
Title Director Production Country
Armageddon Time James GRAY United States
BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths Alejandro G. IÑÁRRITU Mexico
Bones and All Luca GUADAGNINO Italy / United States
Both Sides of the Blade Claire DENIS France
Broker KORE-EDA Hirokazu Korea
Brother and Sister Arnaud DESPLECHIN France
Crimes of the Future David CRONENBERG Canada / Greece / France / United Kingdom
Dark Glasses Dario ARGENTO Italy / France
Decision to Leave PARK Chan-wook Korea
EO Jerzy SKOLIMOWSKI Poland / Italy
Fairytale Alexander SOKUROV Russia / Belgium / Estonia
Feast Brillante MENDOZA Hong Kong, China
Lord of the Ants Gianni AMELIO Italy
My Imaginary Country Patricio GUZMÁN France / Chile
No Bears Jafar PANAHI Iran
One Fine Morning Mia HANSEN-LØVE France / Germany
Pacifiction Albert SERRA Spain / France / Germany / Portugal
Peter Von Kant François OZON France / Belgium
R.M.N. Cristian MUNGIU Romania / France
The Banshees of Inisherin Martin MCDONAGH Ireland / United Kingdom / United States
The Novelist’s Film HONG Sangsoo Korea
Triangle of Sadness Ruben ÖSTLUND Sweden / Germany / France / United Kingdom / United States / Greece
WALK UP HONG Sangsoo Korea
When the Waves are Gone Lav DIAZ Philippines / France / Portugal / Denmark
White Noise Noah BAUMBACH United States
A competition section for established Asian filmmakers with three or more feature films. The two best films are presented with the Kim Jiseok Award. The award was created in commemoration of the late Kim Jiseok, program director who devoted his life to nurture and support Asian cinema.
Title Director Production Country
A Wing and a Prayer LEE Kwangkuk Korea
Alteration Yalkin TUYCHIEV Uzbekistan
December Anshul CHAUHAN Japan
Life & Life Ali GHAVITAN Iran
Scent of Wind Hadi MOHAGHEGH Iran
Seventeeners Prithvi KONANUR India
Six Characters M.L. Bhandevanov DEVAKULA Thailand
The Storyteller Ananth NARAYAN MAHADEVAN India
A Window on Asian Cinema
A peek into the various styles and visions within Asian Cinema, highlighting the latest films from well-established directors as well as the upcoming rookies of the industry. The audience can grasp the zeitgeist of Asian films of the year.
Title Director Production Country
Arnold is a Model Student Sorayos PRAPAPAN Thailand / Singapore / France / Netherlands / Philippines
Autobiography Makbul MUBARAK Indonesia / France / Singapore / Poland / Philippines / Germany / Qatar
B for Busy SHAO Yihui China
Before, Now & Then (Nana) Kamila ANDINI Indonesia
Beyond the Wall Vahid JALILVAND Iran
Declaration Mahesh NARAYANAN India
Fortune Muhiddin MUZAFFAR Tajikistan
Goldfish Pushan KRIPALANI India / United Kingdom / United States
Hanging Gardens Ahmed Yassin AL DARADJI Iraq / Egypt / Palestine / Saudi Arabia / Lebanon / United Kingdom
Holy Spider Ali ABBASI Denmark / Germany / Sweden / France
Home for Sale Taalaibek KULMENDEEV Kyrgyzstan
Hong Kong Family TSANG Hing Weng Eric Hong Kong, China
In Our Prime LIU Yulin China
Joyland Saim SADIQ Pakistan
Leila′s Brothers Saeed ROUSTAEE Iran
Little Blue LEE Yifang Taiwan
Look At Me Touch Me Kiss Me HO Yuhang,Djenar MAESA AYU,KIM Tai-sik Malaysia / Indonesia / Korea
Love Life FUKADA Koji Japan / France
Mariam Arvind PRATAP India
Nezouh Soudade KAADAN United Kingdom / Syria / France
Plan 75 HAYAKAWA Chie Japan / France / Philippines / Qatar
Return to Seoul Davy CHOU France
Scheme Farkhat SHARIPOV Kazakhstan
Sermon to the Fish Hilal BAYDAROV Azerbaijan / Mexico / Switzerland / Turkiye
Stone Turtle WOO Ming Jin Malaysia / Indonesia
The Sales Girl Sengedorj JANCHIVDORJ Mongolia
The Scent of the Wormwood Aibek DAIYRBEKOV Kyrgyzstan
The Wind Will Say WEI Renai Yongyao Malaysia / China
Tora′s Husband Rima DAS India
Zwigato Nandita DAS India
New Currents
A competition among up-and-coming Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that bestows two films with a New Currents Award. All films must be presented as World or International Premiere.
Title Director Production Country
A Place Called Silence Sam QUAH Malaysia
a Wild Roomer LEE Jeong-hong Korea
Ajoomma HE Shuming Singapore / Korea
Blue Again Thapanee LOOSUWAN Thailand
Hail to Hell LIM Oh-jeong Korea
MEMENTO MORI: EARTH Marcus VU Manh Cuong Vietnam
No End Nader SAEIVAR Germany / Iran / Turkiye
Shivamma Jaishankar ARYAR India
The Winter Within Aamir BASHIR India / France / Qatar
Thousand and One Nights KUBOTA Nao Japan
Korean Cinema Today – Special Premiere
This section premieres the latest and representative selections of contemporary Korean mainstream commercial films with special public attractions and status.
Title Director Production Country
20th Century Girl BANG Woo-ri Korea
The Boys CHUNG Jiyoung Korea
Korean Cinema Today - Panorama
An introduction to the year's most significant and popular Korean films, from commercial blockbusters to art house favorites.
Title Director Production Country
A Letter from Kyoto KIM Minju Korea
Anchor JEONG Ji-yeon Korea
Dream Palace KA Sungmoon Korea
Hansan: Rising Dragon KIM Hanmin Korea
Highway Family LEE Sangmoon Korea
Juhee from 5 to 7 JANG Kunjae Korea
Next Sohee July JUNG Korea
Open the Door CHANG Hangjun Korea
The Policeman′s Lineage LEE Kyumaan Korea
Korean Cinema Today - Vision
A carefully selected lineup of Korean independent feature films of the year and a glimpse into the future of Korean cinema.
Title Director Production Country
Beyond LEE Haram Korea
Big Sleep KIM Taehoon Korea
Birth YOO Ji-young Korea
Greenhouse Sol-hui LEE Korea
Mother Land Jae-beom PARK Korea
Paper Man KI Motae Korea
Peafowl BYUN Sung-bin Korea
Star of Ulsan JUNG Kihyuk Korea
The Continuing Land JO Heeyoung Korea
The Day after Yesterday YOON Ji-hye Korea
The Dream Songs CHO Hyunchul Korea
The Ripple LIM Seunghyun Korea
World Cinema
A showcase of the year's non-Asian narrative features including the latest works from well-known filmmakers and international film festival awardees.
Title Director Production Country
A Room of My Own Ioseb "Soso" BLIADZE Germany / Georgia
Aftersun Charlotte WELLS United Kingdom / United States
Alcarràs Carla SIMÓN Spain / Italy
BANGER. Adam SEDLÁK Czech Republic
Blanquita Fernando GUZZONI Chile / Mexico / Luxembourg / France / Poland
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman Pierre FÖLDES France / Canada / Netherlands / Luxembourg
Boy from Heaven Tarik SALEH Sweden / France / Finland
Brother Clement VIRGO Canada
Chiara Susanna NICCHIARELLI Italy / Belgium
Close Lukas DHONT Belgium / France / Netherlands
Corsage Marie KREUTZER Austria / Luxembourg / Germany / France
Flux Gourmet Peter STRICKLAND United Kingdom / Hungary
Fucking Bornholm Anna KAZEJAK Poland
Harkis Philippe FAUCON France / Belgium
I Have Electric Dreams Valentina MAUREL Belgium / France / Costa Rica
Incredible but True Quentin DUPIEUX France / Belgium
Klondike Maryna ER GORBACH Ukraine / Turkiye
Love According to Dalva Emmanuelle NICOT Belgium / France
Monica Andrea PALLAORO United States / Italy
Other People′s Children Rebecca ZLOTOWSKI France
Prison 77 Alberto RODRÍGUEZ Spain
Prologos Mantas KVEDARAVIČIUS Lithuania / Greece
Raymond & Ray Rodrigo GARCÍA United States
Rule 34 Julia MURAT Brazil / France
Saturn Bowling Patricia MAZUY France / Belgium
The Adventures of Gigi the Law Alessandro COMODIN Italy / France / Belgium
The Eight Mountains Charlotte VANDERMEERSCH,Felix VAN GROENINGEN Italy / Belgium / France
The Line Ursula MEIER Switzerland / France / Belgium
The Mountain Thomas SALVADOR France
The Night of the 12th Dominik MOLL France
The Quiet Girl Colm BAIRÉAD Ireland
The Silent Twins Agnieszka SMOCZYŃSKA Poland / United States / United Kingdom
UTAMA Alejandro LOAYZA GRISI Bolivia / Uruguay / France
You Have to Come and See It Jonás TRUEBA Spain
Flash Forward
A competition among non-Asian filmmakers’ first or second features that take an innovative and original approach to cinema. The winner is decided by the audience and awarded the Flash Forward Award.
Title Director Production Country
Daughter of Rage Laura BAUMEISTER Nicaragua / Mexico / Netherlands / Germany / France / Norway
Delta Michele VANNUCCI Italy
La Jauría Andrés RAMÍREZ PULIDO Colombia / France
Muru Tearepa KAHI New Zealand
Palm Trees and Power Lines Jamie DACK United States
Riceboy Sleeps Anthony SHIM Canada
Saint Omer Alice DIOP France
Sons of Ramses Clément COGITORE France
Thunder Carmen JAQUIER Switzerland
Victim Michal BLAŠKO Slovak Republic / Czech Republic / Germany
Wide Angle - Korean Short Film Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.
Title Director Production Country
Canine KIM Jung-min Korea
Carrier Woman HWANG Dong-uk Korea
Door LEE Minhyoung,BAE Seongyeol,KIM Changmin Korea
Flowers SHIN Eun-seop Korea
I′m Here JEONG Eunuk Korea
Jooyoung in Wonderland CHUNG Hae-il Korea
Lake and I PARK Sohyun Korea
Leave at Door, Bell X LEE Jooyoung Korea
Other Life ROH Dohyeon Korea
Short Film Universe LEE Han Korea
The Scream KIM Eun-seong Korea
Yeo-young′s Trip to Haenam YEO Young-eun Korea
Wide Angle - Asian Short Film Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.
Title Director Production Country
A Cambodian Night′s Dream Guillaume SUON Cambodia / France
Dear Me Suchana SAHA India
Destruction Igor SMOLA Azerbaijan
Drunkard GE Yuqi China
Jouissance Sadeq ES-HAQI Iran
Shades of Melancholy Karash ZHANYSHOV Kyrgyzstan
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Alvin LEE Singapore
Southern Afternoon LAN Tian China
The Memory Lane UJITA Shun Japan
The Valley of the Wind Samira NOROUZNASSERI Iran
Wide Angle - Documentary Competition
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.
Title Director Production Country
A Table for Two KIM Boram Korea
After Passing Away SU Yu-Ting Taiwan
Again the Wind Blows KIM Tae-il,JU Ro-mi Korea
BABY QUEEN LEI Yuan Bin Singapore
Dear Mother, I Meant to Write about Death CHEN Siyi United States / China
Lash JUNG Yoon-suk Korea / Hong Kong, China
On the Train Chu Chen HSIAO Taiwan
SAGAL: Snake and Scorpion LEE Dongwoo Korea
Sanctuary WANG Mincheol Korea
Sura: A Love Song HWANG Yun Korea
The Football Aficionado Sharmin MOJTAHEDZADEH,Paliz KHOSHDEL Iran
Wide Angle - Documentary Showcase
A section dedicated to outstanding short films and documentary films that offer broad cinematic viewpoints and distinct visions.
Title Director Production Country
Alis Clare WEISKOPF,Nicolas VAN HEMELRYCK Colombia / Chile / Romania
All That Breathes Shaunak SEN India / United States / United Kingdom
Blue Island CHAN Tze-woon Hong Kong, China / Taiwan / Japan
Eternal Brightness OH Minwook Korea
Fire of Love Sara DOSA United States / Canada
Free Chol Soo Lee Julie HA,Eugene YI Korea / United States
How to Save a Dead Friend Marusya SYROECHKOVSKAYA Sweden / Norway / France / Germany
Innocence Guy DAVIDI Denmark / Israel / Finland / Iceland
Legend of the Waterflowers KOH Heeyoung Korea
Life Unrehearsed BANPARK Jieun Korea / Germany
Liquor Store Dreams UM So Yun United States
Myanmar Diaries The Myanmar Film Collective Netherlands / Myanmar / Norway
Retrograde Matthew HEINEMAN United States
Scorched Earth LEE Mi-young Korea / Canada
See You Friday, Robinson Mitra FARAHANI France / Kingdom of Eswatini / Iran / Lebanon
The Super 8 Years Annie ERNAUX,David ERNAUX-BRIOT France
Universe Department Store Taewoong WON Korea
While We Watched Vinay SHUKLA United Kingdom
Open Cinema
A collection of new and internationally acclaimed films that offer an ideal mix of the popular with the artistic are screened at the hallmark outdoor theater.
Title Director Production Country
Diary of a Fleeting Affair Emmanuel MOURET France
Even If This Love Disappears Tonight MIKI Takahiro Japan
Everything Everywhere All at Once Dan KWAN,Daniel SCHEINERT United States
Kingdom 2: Far and Away SATO Shinsuke Japan
Max, Min and Meowzaki Padmakumar NARASIMHAMURTHY India
The Black Pharaoh, the Savage and the Princess Michel OCELOT France / Belgium
Vikram Lokesh KANAGARAJ India
Midnight Passion
A collection of thrillers, horror and action films that are certain to keep diehard genre fans awake throughout the night.
Title Director Production Country
Jethica Pete OHS United States
Satan′s Slaves: Communion Joko ANWAR Indonesia
The Menu Mark MYLOD United States
The Price We Pay KITAMURA Ryuhei United States
On Screen
Presentation of highly anticipated or most talked about drama series of the year.
Title Director Production Country
BARGAIN JEON Woo-sung Korea
Blood Curse Kimo STAMBOEL Indonesia
Connect MIIKE Takashi Korea
Glitch ROH Deok Korea
Recipe for Farewell LEE Hojae Korea
Somebody JUNG Ji-woo Korea
The Kingdom Exodus Lars von TRIER Denmark
Weak Hero Class 1 YOU Su-min Korea
YONDER LEE Joon-ik Korea
Special Program in Focus Ⅰ - Discovering New Japanese Cinema
Among the films that have been made by Japanese directors who debuted since 2010, 10 films are selected based on favorable reviews from the media and critics. It will be an important opportunity to gauge who the next director of Japanese films will be and what direction Japanese films are heading for now.
Title Director Production Country
A Balance HARUMOTO Yujiro Japan
Antonym KUSANO Natsuka Japan
Listen to Light SUGITA Kyoshi Japan
My Small Land KAWAWADA Emma Japan / France
Our House KIYOHARA Yui Japan
Passage of Life FUJIMOTO Akio Japan / Myanmar
Siblings of the Cape KATAYAMA Shinzo Japan
Small, Slow but Steady MIYAKE Sho Japan / France
The Night I Swam IGARASHI Kohei,Damien MANIVEL Japan / France
Third Time Lucky NOHARA Tadashi Japan
Special Program in Focus Ⅱ - New Perspectives on 21st Century Documentary
The 10 selections present aesthetically and technically new and bold attempts different from the traditional documentaries of the 20th century, which pursued complete objectivity since the Lumiere brothers. It is the chance you can get a glimpse of the vision of creative and adventurous documentaries that emerged in the 2000s.
Title Director Production Country
Cameraperson Kirsten JOHNSON United States
De Humani Corporis Fabrica Lucien CASTAING-TAYLOR,Verena PARAVEL France / Switzerland
Everything will be OK Rithy PANH Cambodia / France
Leviathan Verena PARAVEL,Lucien CASTAING-TAYLOR France / United States / United Kingdom
My Winnipeg Guy MADDIN Canada
Sacro GRA Gianfranco ROSI Italy / France
Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait Ossama MOHAMMED,Wiam Simav BEDIRXAN France / Syria
Some Photos in the City of Sylvia José Luis GUERIN Spain
THE NATURAL HISTORY OF DESTRUCTION Sergei LOZNITSA Germany / Lithuania / Netherlands
Three Sisters WANG Bing France
Special Program in Focus Ⅲ - In the Mood for Tony Leung
"In the Mood for Love of Tony Leung" will screen 6 films chosen by Tony Leung himself. Tony Leung, who is also the winner of the Asian Film Awards this year, is the best actor of our time, who is still living in ‘the mood for love’ with his acting and moods. Through the 6 movies, we recommend that you meet Tony Leung’s gaze that you will never forget.
Title Director Production Country
2046 WONG Kar Wai Hong Kong, China
Happy Together WONG Kar Wai Hong Kong, China
In the Mood for Love WONG Kar Wai Hong Kong, China
Infernal Affairs Alan MAK,Andrew LAU Hong Kong, China
The Eagle Shooting Heroes Jeffrey LAU Hong Kong, China
The Longest Nite Patrick YAU Hong Kong, China
Special Screening
Title Director Production Country
Jiseok KIM Young-jo Korea
Nakdong River JEON Chang-keun Korea