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15th(2010) Flash Forward

Love/Romance · Coming of Age · Women · Music/Dance  

  • CountrySweden
  • Production Year2010
  • Running Time102min
  • Format 35mm
  • ColorCOLOR
Program Note
A lethal film about a 20-year-old girl who becomes a woman. Katarina lives alone with her alcoholic mother. Her only solace is classical music. Then everything changes dramatically when she hears a performance of Mozart’s ‘Requiem’. It is a powerful movie filled with dramatic events. The process she goes through girl to woman after a dangerous liaison with a middle-aged man and subsequent betrayal is memorable. The expression ‘lethal’ is no exaggeration. During this process, the movie spices things up with a dramatic reversal, and presents a thrilling surprise with its shocking conclusion. The biggest attraction in the movie is Katarina herself, and the woman who plays that role, Alicia Vikander. Unlike other women of her age, she is not subordinated, but beautifully imposing. She is an independent individual who chooses and walks her own path. Alicia Vikander is Katarina. At times a girl, and at other a woman, her facial expressions reflect the character perfectly. (JEON Chanil)
Lisa Langseth is from Stockholm, Sweden. [Pure is her feature debut. She studied Drama and Screenwriting at the Dramatiska Institute, and before that studied the History of Ideas at Stockholm University. She also studied at the Kulturama Acting School. She is an award-winning playwright and has written dramas for television.
  • Director Lisa LANGSETH 리자 랑세트
  • Producer Helen AHLSSON
  • Cast Alicia VIKANDER, Samuel FRÖLER
  • Screenplay Lisa LANGSETH
  • Cinematography Simon PRAMSTEN
  • Production Design Lena SELANDER
  • Editor Malin LINDSTRÖM
  • Sound Henrik OHLIN
  • Music Per-Erik WINBERG
  • Production Company Tre Vänner
    Östra Järnvägsgatan 27 Stockholm SE-111 20 Sweden

  • World Sales TrustNordisk
    Filmbyen Hvidovre 2650 Denmark