Official Poster

The official poster for the 26th Busan International Film Festival was designed using live-action photos of the Korean traditional ramie fabric as the background with the festival’s name stylistically presented in white brushstroke. Overlaying the photos of the various colors of ramie fabric resulted in variant shades of red, which is BIFF’s symbolic color, throughout the poster.

This poster uniquely symbolizes Busan, the location of the festival and a UNESCO Creative City of Film, and has drawn much attention to the festival in Busan. The deep purple and burgundy of the lower section represent Busan’s night sea, while the mid-section shows the space in between the sky and the land. The seven squares that surround the center of the poster characterize the diversity of films from the different cultures and backgrounds presented at the event.

The traditional Korean heritage of “Mosi Jjagi,” or fine ramie weaving, requires an intense and lengthy process of about three months to transform the ramie grass into fabric. The ramie fabric, which is produced from the hard work and cooperation of numerous individuals, adds a special meaning to the poster because it represents the filmmaking process and the efforts of the filmmakers.