22nd (2017)

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Korean Cinema Today

Family · Road Movie · Adventure · Love/Romance · Social Criticism · Coming of Age  

  • CountryKorea
  • Production Year2017
  • Running Time112min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Min-gyeong is preparing for a public servant’s test by stealing lectures. She steals change from the dumpling restaurant she works at part time. Her father’s settlement costs and custody costs aside, she cannot even pay her overdue rent. She must look for a place to sleep. She goes to see her one-time roommate and college friend Yeojin, who suffered depression and had attempted suicide many times. Somehow, a happy Yeojin does not ring quite right with Min-gyeong, but having found a place to stay, she is relieved. Her stay does not last long, though. Having to find another place to stay, she gets help from a man with whom she had sex for money. His son Seonghun hopes that Min-gyeong becomes his mom, and Min-gyeong slowly begins to feel attached to him. <i>February</i> is a story about a woman who keeps making bad choices. Her crimes are not big, but morally condemnable, and she keeps running away from a chance at a fresh start. True, her surroundings are no help to that fresh start either.(NAM Dong-chul)
KIM Joonghyun
Kim Joonghyun studied directing at Seoul Institute of the Arts and started his film career working as an assistant director on Kim Taeyong’s Family Ties (2006). His first feature-length film, Choked (2011), was invited to the New Currents section at the 16th Busan International Film Festival in 2011. Choked also premiered at ten international film festivals including Berlin, Hong Kong, and San Francisco International Film Festival.
  • Director KIM Joonghyun 김중현
  • Producer Eunji PARK
  • Cast Minkyoung JO, Sunglyoung KIM 김성령, Youngbin PARK, Siwan PARK, Juwon LEE
  • Screenplay Joonghyun KIM
  • Cinematography Myounghwan MOON
  • Editor Sunjoo PARK
  • Sound Sewoong ON
  • Music K.AFKA
  • Production Company Movie Rock,