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Social Criticism · Coming of Age · Crime/Violence · Children  

  • CountryIran
  • Production Year2014
  • Running Time94min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor
Program Note
Hooman Seyedi’s debut film 13 is about a 13-year-old boy’s loneliness and rebellious rage at the violence that surrounds him. Struggling with an abusive father at home and bullied by his classmate at school, it is clear that no one cares about the isolation and pain Bemani lives with. One day, he befriends Sami and her gang after she rescues him from his bully classmate. Little does he know that his involvement with these troubled friends will have serious consequences. The film follows Bemani’s unfortunate adolescence as he searches for solace and love from Sami, who eventually distances herself from him. Unable to control his emotions, he finds himself embroiled in the murder case of drug dealer Farhad. After he is released, his parents promise him the care and communication he has always wanted, but the film sadly closes with Bemani, yet again, all alone. (KIM Ji-seok)
Born in 1980 in Rasht, Hooman Seyedi is a well-known Iranian actor who also holds a diploma in Graphic Studies. His films include Fireworks Wednesday(2006), Barefoot in Heaven(2007) and The Freeway(2012). In 2008 he directed the short film 35 Meters From the Water which featured his actress wife Azadeh Samedi. 13 is his debut feature film as a director.
  • Director Hooman SEYEDI 호우만 세예디
  • Producer Saeed Saadi
  • Cast Yasna Mirtahmasb, Azadeh Samadi, Amir Jafari, Rima Raminfar
  • Screenplay Hooman Seyedi
  • Cinematography Ali Tabrizi
  • Editor Hooman Seyedi
  • Sound Mehran Malakouti
  • Music Shermin Mehdizadeh
  • Production Company None

  • World Sales Visual Media Institute