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Courtesy to the Nation

Wide Angle

Adventure · Crime/Violence · True Story · Politics/Conspiracy · Human Rights  

  • CountryKorea
  • Production Year2017
  • Running Time90min
  • Format DCP
  • ColorColor/B&W
Program Note
Men are social animals. The film discusses this from a personal perspective: Cahng Kihoon, who lived through the struggle for democracy in the 1980s and 1990s. The Cahng Kihoon Fake Will Scandal is said to be behind the patriotic martyrs of the 1990s. Cahng Kihoon himself has become a forgotten fixture in Korean history. The film tracks down, not the man in the Fake Will Scandal. This is the Cahng Kihoon the film helps us see, not the character trapped inside a scandal. The film also leads us to take another look at historical figures still living. What have the choices of 1990s bequeathed and taken away for men and society? The film asks many questions as it weaves together the micro and macro histories. A person in history, history in a person, the choices in history, political humans, humane politics… The film recalls the many patriotic martyrs of the 1990s, and helps us reflect on their significance and lives today. Martyrs existed then, and continue to exist today. (LEE Seung-min)
GWON Gyungwon
Gwon Gyungwon is noted for being the youngest person on the production staff of Number 3 in 1997. He made New Millennium Gymnastics, a short film, at KAFA, AD’ed for The Wolf Returns, and worked as the production supervisor for Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. He translated Directing Actors, and has worked as an instructor for indie film workshops run by The Association of Korean Independent Film & Video.
  • Director GWON Gyungwon 권경원
  • Producer Jenny YANG 양정화, Heetae CHUNG 정희태
  • Cast Kihoon CAHNG 강기훈, Eun-oc CAHNG 강은옥, KooIl KIM 김구일, Eunhee CHOI 최은희, Boeun LEE 이보은, Soyeon SONG 송소연, Seoktae LEE 이석태, Sangmahn KOH 고상만, Kyuhong YEOM 염규홍
  • Cinematography Juyoung CHOI 최주영, Myungwook GO 고명욱
  • Production Design Jaejun PARK 박재준, Jaehee MOON 문재희
  • Editor Yujeong NOH 노유정
  • Music Jeongwon YANG 양정원, Hyun-ah CHUNG 정현아