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[BIFF Press Release] 24th Busan International Film Festival Final Report

  • 2019 .10 .1220:37

[BIFF Press Release] Busan International Film Festival (56)_(2019.10.12)


24th Busan International Film Festival Final Report 

. Overview


1. Summary

- Period: Oct 3rd(Thu)- Oct 12th(Sat), 2019

- 299 films from 85 countries

- Screening Venue: 37 screens at 6 theaters (Market and P&I Screening excluded)
Busan Cinema Center, CGV Centum City, LOTTE CINEMA Centum City, , MEGABOX Haeundae(Jangsan), Sohyang Theater Centum City, LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung

2. Total Attendance: 189,116


3. World & International Premieres

- 118 World Premieres/ 27 International Premieres


4. Program Events

- Open Talk 9

- Outdoor Greetings 22

- Master Class 1

- Hand-Printing 2

- Short Film, Long Chat 3

- Special Talk 14

- Press Conference 7

- Busan Citizens Park Special Screenings 10


. Accomplishments


1.      Discovering the masterpiece of Asian independent film

By discovering and introducing talented directors and works from areas that are alienated from the world stage such as Vietnam and Pakistan, the growth potential of Asian films has been enhanced. Especially, films in the New Currents section and the A Window on Asian Cinema sections, the films from countries that has relatively small scale of film industry, improved and were applauded from the audiences who want to explore variety genre of film


2.     Active Participation of wide level of the Audiences

There were various places for screening not only in Busan Cinema Center and Centum City but also 10 screenings were held at the night time in Busan Citizens Park which is located in the center of Busan. In Nampo-dong, the audiences could experience a lot of events including the official screenings and Community BIFF. Particularly, films from the Open Cinema section which was screened at the BIFF Theater, Busan Cinema Center were adored by the audiences and some were even sold out.


3.     Successful settlement of Community BIFF

Community BIFF, newly founded last year, could be defined as a film festival in a film festival. It has been acknowledged by designing programs for children to adults. While connecting the traditions of the early film festival, where filmmakers and citizens met frankly, it presented an alternative for interacting between the audience and the film festival. In the future, it will broaden its territory as a cultural hub and an audience friendly platform.


4.     Successfully Completed New Challenges of Asian Film Market 2019

2,188 professionals participated in the event, which has increased by 22 percent than last year, 200 companies participated and actively engaged in production, investment, acquisition, distribution and sales for film, broadcasting and original content rights, which has increased by 17 percent than last year. In the broadcasting copyright, more than 2-million-dollar worth of involvement was held as well as the largest participation of European sales agency was recorded for this year. Various pitching events proved its keen interest by recording the largest number of meetings ever, and the Asia Contents Awards, which was held for the first time this year, marked a successful start with full-seat selling.



* For a copy of the full text, please see the attached file. 



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