Newsletter Vol. 9 l The Opening & Closing Films & The Asian Filmmaker of the Year!

  • 2023. 09. 08  11:19
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Newsletter Vol. 9 | 2023.09.07

1. The Opening & Closing Films

🔴 Opening Film: Because I Hate Korea

Because I Hate Korea (2023), adapted from Chang Kangmyoung’s best-selling 2015 novel, is the latest work by director Jang Kun-jae. While the original novel has a main theme which is an exploration of finding the answer to the question, "how should one live their life?", the film chooses to take its time deliberately to explore this question at its own pace rather than hastening toward a definitive answer.

🔴 Closing Film: The Movie Emperor

Ning Hao returns with The Movie Emperor (2023) after 17 years since his film Crazy Stone (2006) received enthusiastic responses from audiences as the closing film of the 2006 Busan International Film Festival. Only this time, joined by the beloved and timeless legend — actor Andy Lau. Ning Hao and Andy Lau, renowned director and actor starring in this self-reflexive film about filmmaking, skillfully navigate between reality and fiction, effectively portraying their respective characters. 

2. CHOW Yun Fat: True Colors of a Hero 周潤發之英雄風範

This year’s Asian Filmmaker of the Year will be awarded to the ‘Big Brother’ of Hong Kong cinema, Chow Yun Fat. He will be honored at the opening ceremony of the 28th Busan International Film Festival, and his recent film, One More Chance (2023) will be screened along with A Better Tomorrow (1986) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) as part of this year’s Special Program in Focus, CHOW Yun Fat: True Colors of a Hero 周潤發之英雄風範.

Less than a month to go until the Busan International Film Festival!
We look forward to seeing you🎬😊

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