Newsletter Vol. 29 | Announcing the First Recipient of the Choon-yun Award!

  • 2022. 09. 23  11:34
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Newsletter Vol. 29 | 2022.09.23

The 27th Busan International Film Festival Announces the First Recipient of the Choon-yun Award!


The 27th Busan International Film Festival has announced the first recipient of the Choon-yun Award, an award that was newly established in honor of the late Chairman of the Korean Association of Film Art & Industry, Lee Choon-yun.

Uncovering Talented Korean Film Producers

Director KANG Je-kyu, Actor YOO Ji-tae,

Producer SHIM Jaemyung, and Programmer JUNG Hanseok

Jury Lineup of Four Korean Film Professionals

Producer BAEK Jaeho of Snowball (2021) Selected as the First Recipient of the Choon-yun Award!

The Busan International Film Festival’s Choon-yun Award, which was newly established with the global entertainment group IOK Company’s suggestion and sponsorship, holds a special meaning as an award that was created in honor of the late Chairman of the Korean Association of Film Art & Industry, Lee Choon-yun. In addition, the award is made more special as it is presented to producers, who plan and produce boundless genres of Korean films.

The Choon-yun Award seeks to discover producers who create outstanding Korean films. The awardees will receive a cash prize of 10,000,000 KRW.

The nominees for the Choon-yun Award were selected through the recommendation of three organizations; the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, Korean Film Producers Association, and Producers Guild of Korea. The nominees were selected amongst producers of Korean films that were released between July 2021 and June 2022.

The deciding juries include director Kang Je-kyu, who directed numerous milestone works in the Korean cinematic history including Shiri (1999) and TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War (2004), and CEO of Myung Films, Shim Jaemyung, who produced various Korean films, such as Architecture 101 (2012) and I Can Speak (2017). In addition, actor Yoo Ji-tae, who has built a solid career throughout the years through participation in various projects from movies, such as One Fine Spring Day (2001), Old Boy (2003), and SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER (2018), to the drama series, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2021), as well as programmer Jung Hanseok of Busan International Film Festival, an acclaimed film professional who is recognized for his discernment in discovering Korean independent films and newly emerging directors, have also been appointed as juries for the Choon-yun Award.

[Award Recipient: Producer BAEK Jaeho]

Producer Baek Jaeho, who participated in the production of Snowball (2021), was unanimously selected as the recipient of the first edition of the Choon-yun Award. In addition to Snowball (2021), producer Baek Jaeho showed his range by participating in various independent films such as Jane (2016) and Moments of Role (2021). Furthermore, his talents in various positions, from actor and director to full-time writer for IndieForum, received much attention. 

Director Kang Je-kyu praised producer Baek Jaeho as ”a filmmaker who maintains his values and outspreads his potential in the insufficient independent film environment.” CEO Shim Jaemyung commented, ”Baek Jaeho contributed to the qualitative growth of the Korean independent film industry. I plan to pay attention to and encourage his development as a producer,” while actor Yoo Ji-tae also stated, “I would like to support producer Baek Jaeho, who is pouring his passion into artistic creations.” Programmer Jung Hanseok congratulated the producer, saying, “I gladly agree to producer Baek Jaeho, who has been active in various projects, becoming the first recipient of the Choon-yun Award.” The first Choon-yun Award Ceremony will take place during the festival period, on Oct 6 (Thurs), 20:00 KST, at the Sicily Room on the 1st floor of the Paradise Hotel Busan Main Building.

The 27th Busan International Film Festival will be held for 10 days from Oct 5 (Wed) to Oct 14 (Fri).

뼚 The 27th Busan International Film Festival: Oct 5 (Wed) – Oct 14 (Fri)

뼚 The 17th Asian Contents & Film Market: Oct 8 (Sat) – Oct 11 (Tues)  
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