[BIFF Press Release] Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 Resumes Platform BUSAN

  • 2022. 09. 30  11:07
Press Release | 2022.09.30
Asian Contents & Film Market 2022 Resumes Platform BUSAN

Platform BUSAN 2022, a networking platform for Asian filmmakers to share their experiences and search for cooperative opportunities, will be launched.

Various ACFM Based Networking Programs

From Talks by Master Filmmakers

to Knowledge Sharing Sessions!

Platform BUSAN is a networking platform for independent filmmakers that promotes the co-development and networking of Asian and Korean film professionals, and provides opportunity for relationship building and collaboration.

Platform BUSAN 2022, which will be held for 4 days from Oct 8 (Sat) to Oct 11 (Tues), is composed of various programs that share insight and information related to on-site job experiences, featuring lectures from world-class directors who have set important milestones in the film industry, networking sessions among newly emerging filmmakers, and case studies on investment and co-production.

A Filmmaker’s Talk, which will feature yet-to-be-told stories from world-class directors and their experiences, is scheduled to be held in Platform BUSAN. Along with one of the most prominent directors of the generation, Rithy Panh, director Wang Bing, who opened a new horizon for documentaries of the 21st century, and director Peter Chan, who is actively building his filmography as a director through Comrades: Almost A Love Story (1996) and The Warlords (2007), and as a producer with The Eye series (2002, 2004, 2005) and SoulMate (2016), will participate in the session.

This year, a panel session, co-hosted by the European Film Promotion (EFP) and Ties That Bind (TTB), ‘Panel Session: What Are the Chances for Our Films Today? presented by EFP & TTB’, will discuss the reality and strategy for distribution between Asia and Europe, and ‘Ajoomma: The Curious Case Study of a Singaporean-Korean Co-production presented by mylab’ will consider the official selection of the 27th BIFF’s New Currents section. Furthermore, Platform BUSAN will host sessions on the usage of film commissions, introduction to the main support program of ARRI, and sound design, all of which provide practical information on film direction and production. The program will also facilitate networking opportunities through mini pitching sessions, Pitch & Meet, a debate by new Asian and European directors, Vis-à-vis, and Happy Hour.

Platform BUSAN 2022, which will make an extravagant return with 13 profound programs after a 3-year absence due to COVID-19, will simultaneously enable new Asian film professionals to experience the Busan International Film Festival, and provide in-person networking opportunities among fellow film professionals as well as promote networking within the industry in association with ACFM-related programs.

Receiving widespread acclaim from more than 600 Asian film professionals since its launch in 2017, Platform BUSAN will be attended by 165 Asian filmmakers from 25 countries, including Korea, Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan, and is expected to ignite synergy between film professionals who share the common playing field of Asia.

[Platform BUSAN 2022 Program Schedule]

Event Room A : Conference Room 121-123, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO

Event Room B : Conference Room 125-126, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO

PB Lounge : Hall 4C, Exhibition Center 2, BEXCO

뼚 The 27th Busan International Film Festival: Oct 5 (Wed) – Oct 14 (Fri)

뼚 The 17th Asian Contents & Film Market: Oct 8 (Sat) – Oct 11 (Tues)

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