Cinephile badge is for students studying film or video major at domestic or foreign universities including graduate schools. Students who are enrolled (including leave of absence) in departments with courses such as directing, acting, cinematography or script writing may apply.
Those who have already graduated are not eligible.

How to Apply

Submit the registration( including supporting documents )within the due date  →  Pay the registration fee after approval   →   Registration completed
  • You MUST submit the following documents to prove that you are eligible for Cinephile Badge:
  • Proof of identity as a student currently majoring in film related studies at university or institution.
    (i.e. Student status letter or proof of enrollment issued within a month)
  • For group registration (20 participants or more), please contact in advance. A complimentary badge will be provided for 1 student and/or 1 lecturer leading the group.
  • A credit/debit card issued in Korea is not available for payment for registration on this page.
  • General
    (On-site registration unavailable)
    August 1 (Tue) ~ 15:00 (KST) September 6 (Wed) 40 USD

※ Please make sure to check the registration deadline.

Cinephile Badge Benefits

  • Up to 4 complimentary tickets for different screenings a day
  • Access to Cinephile exclusive ticket desk
  • Participation available in Master Class (Unavailable in case tickets are sold out)
  • Access to the Asian Contents & Film Market

* Cinephile Badge does NOT grant access to Opening/Closing ceremonies.