Platform BUSAN

Platform BUSAN is a networking platform for new independent filmmakers, including directors, producers, and key staff members, aiming to reach collective growth by sharing experiences and seeking opportunities for solidarity and cooperation. The 4-day program consists of lectures by world-renowned masters, who have set prominent milestones in the film industry, as well as interactive programs among new filmmakers, and case studies on investment and co-production, all of which are designed to enable the sharing of practical information and expertise.

Following its successful launch in 2017, Platform BUSAN hosted a total of 809 participants from 39 countries over the past 4 editions, excluding the hiatus period caused by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. For a more efficient and practical synergy effect with the industry, Asian Contents & Film Market began to supervise and host Platform BUSAN starting last year, offering opportunities to expand the synergy amongst emerging filmmakers and industry professionals in Asia.


  • Dates: Oct 7 (Sat) – 10 (Tue), 2023
  • Venue: Hall 1 & Event Room C, Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO