Award Winners

The 28th Busan International Film FestivalCGK Award

The CGK Award, sponsored by Cinematographers Guild of Korea, is given to one Korean film from either New Currents or Korean Cinema Today - Vision section. The winner’s cinematographer will be granted KRW 5,000,000 (approx. USD 3,800).

House of the Seasons

LEE Jinkeun Cinematographer Korea

Jury Comment:
We present the CGK award to cinematographer Lee Jinkeun for the film House of the Seasons. Lee Jinkeun demonstrated outstanding technical proficiency in filmmaking by utilizing lighting and workflow, creating cinematic moments through delicate craftsmanship that captures life and death in modern Korean history with a nuanced perspective on both close-ups and wide shots.

The 28th Busan International Film FestivalCGK Award Special Mention

Isle of Snakes

KIM Jin-pyo Cinematographer Korea

Concerning My Daughter

KIM Jiryong Cinematographer Korea

Jury Comment:
Furthermore, we extend special applause and support to cinematographer Kim Jin-pyo for the film Isle of Snakes, which impressed the judges with its innovative visual language, and to cinematographer Kim Jiryong for the film Concerning My Daughter, where the depth of the screen was beautifully expressed.