Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) is a professional industrial event only allowed for Market Badge holders where film, audiovisual, and entertainment specialists from 45 countries worldwide participate. ACFM 2023 will be held simultaneously as an On-site and online market.

Market Badge Benefits

  • Access to ACFM 2023 Online site
  • Guest On-site Ticketing Service for festival screening (5 tickets/day)
  • Access to Online Screening and P&I Screening
  • Online pre-registration available for meetings with APM projects
  • Online pre-registration available for meetings with the Busan Story Market official selections
  • Access to the events of Festival and Market
  • Access to ACFM 2022 participant database
  • Membership to Cinando
  • Market Shuttle Service
  • Market guest package

Registered delegates enjoy a free 6-months membership to Cinando - the first online network for film professionals - and access to contacts, company line-ups, film details and the screening schedule. Also available on iPhone and Android via the Cinando app. Delegates will receive an email notification on how to access their account. For any questions on Cinando, please contact: CINANDO logo

Full details are to be announced soon.