The Choon-yun Award

The 27th Busan International Film FestivalThe Choon-yun Award

The Choon-yun Award was established in honor of the late Chairman of the Korean Association of Film Art & Industry, Lee Choon-yun. This award is given to one newly emerging producer with a cash prize of 10,000,000 KRW, sponsored by IOK Company. Producer Baek Jaeho, who participated in the production of Snowball (2021), was selected as the recipient of the first edition of the Choon-yun Award.

BAEK Jaeho

Korea Producer

Baek Jaeho started his career as a producer after participating in numerous films and drama series as minor, supporting roles. After participating in Ordinary Days (2012) as producer, cinematographer, and actor, he was the producer for Santa Barbara (2013) and Jane (2016). Baek made his directorial debut with We Will Be Ok (2014) and went on to create his second directorial production, The Goose Goes South (2018). In addition to Snowball (2021), producer Baek Jaeho showed his range by participating in various independent films such as Jane (2016)and Moments of Role (2021). Furthermore, his talents in various positions, from actor and director to full-time writer for IndieForum, received much attention.