The 27th Busan International Film FestivalDGK MEGABOX Award

Korean Cinema Today – Vision Section Grand Prize Jury

JEONG Gayoung

Korea Director

Jeong Gayoung has worked in filmmaking since 2016. Her independent short films include Bitch on the Beach (2016), Hit the Night (2017), Heart (2019), Love Jo. Right Now. (2017), What’s Wrong With Me? K K (2015) In 2021, she released her first commercial movie, Nothing Serious (2021).

JUNG Byounggak

Korea Director

Born in 1960 in Iksan, Jeonbuk, Jung Byounggak majored in Social Studies at Korea University, and taught film studies at KAFA. He directed Corset (1996), Seventeen (1998), and Ssanahui Sunjeong (2021).

JUNG Sekyo

Korea Director

Starting as a member of the shooting team for Ginko Bed 2 (2000) and Failan (2001), Jung Sekyo worked as a member of numerous film crews and lighting teams, as well as serving as assistant director before debuting with the documentary, Roaring Currents: The Road of the Admiral (2015), in 2015. He directed the film O! Moon-hee in 2020.