Forum BIFF

Forum BIFF 2022 will focus on a fundamental issue: the identity of films in a changing media environment. Forum BIFF 2022, will explore the current circumstances where films have been dispersed and disassembled in all areas including production, distribution, and screening, and provide an opportunity for a full-fledged discussion on the aspects and potential of technological innovations, such as visual effects. In consideration of the rapid changes the film industry is undergoing, technological, aesthetic, and ethical innovations and explorations of documentaries in the 21st Century will also be discussed.

While Forum BIFF and the audience were unable to meet face-to-face during the pandemic, this year’s Forum BIFF will take place as an on-site event. As a socializing hub for filmmakers and professionals from all over the world, Forum BIFF 2022 will provide the audience with an opportunity to experience a wealth of cinematic intelligence. Forum BIFF 2022 was organized by the Jiseok Film Institute, which was established in the Busan International Film Festival to commemorate the late program director Kim Jiseok, and it is held in cooperation with major film institutions in Korea, including the Korean Film Council, the Korean Film Archive, and the Busan Film Commission.

The Virtual Empire Becomes a Movie Scene

Changes in film production, driven by the advancement of digital Information and Communications Technology (ICT), have been breathtakingly rapid and progressive. Visual effects, which usually remained as an auxiliary role in post-production in the past, is now fully introduced into the film production process, and is causing fundamental changes in all areas, not only in images, but also in narratives, directing, and genre. In addition, virtual production, which has recently been introduced into the production process, and newly developed visual technologies, such as VR, AR, and XR, are proving their transformative potential that can go beyond film production and make complete changes to the characteristic of the film itself. Under the supervision of the Korean Film Archive, influential domestic and international engineers and scholars are gathering together to evaluate the various impacts of technological innovations on film production, such as expansion and change, and the preservation and sharing of films, and to discuss the future of film that has started its surprising transition towards the virtual empire.

Reconstruction of ‘Film’ in a Rapidly Changing Media Environment

The recent rise of the OTT platform and the decentralization of theaters, as triggered by the transition to a digital format, has accelerated a full-fledged discussion on the identity of films. In this context, an attempt was made to examine the serial drama, which has achieved remarkable artistic and commercial success, from the perspective of ‘being a movie’. Directors, academics, and critics will gather to raise issues and discuss them from various perspectives. At the discussion, the most urgent academic issues and visions will be presented. The identity of a film is not only a matter of production, criticism, and theory, but also a matter of law, institution, and policy. Academics in film, law, and media as well as policy experts will seek institutional reform and policy directions that are aligned with the new conceptualization of ‘film’ from a macro perspective.

New Perspectives on 21st Century Documentary

In the session, aesthetic and technological innovations that stand out in the 21st century will be discussed, in line with the Special Program in Focus: New Perspectives on 21st Century Documentary. Cutting-edge challenges that were previously impossible in the past will be the focus on the one hand, and aesthetic experiments that cross boundaries between subjective and objective, personal and historical, fiction and non-fiction will be the focus on the other hand. Beginning with the opening presentation by world-renowned film critic Jean-Michel Frodon, a discussion by domestic and international documentary directors will follow. Aligned with the Special Program in Focus, Forum BIFF 2022 is expected to facilitate experiences of cinematic reasoning and enjoyment at multiple levels.