Community BIFF

Community BIFF, a spin-off festival of the Busan International Film Festival, celebrates its 5th year since its launch in 2018. Community BIFF aims to be an open film festival where audiences, filmmakers, activists, academics, and local residents become agents of the festival. With the audience being the core value of the Busan International Film Festival, Community BIFF 2022 has been presenting a diverse spectrum of programs every year that is based on Busan’s characteristics, openness, flexibility, and diversity. Community BIFF, which seeks novel experiences such as ‘voluntary participation’, ‘watching experimental films’, conversations with the field, and solidarity, will reach the audience with various events, such as this year’s newly introduced Memories on Super 8: Once Upon a Time in Busan.


  • Date: Oct 6 (Thurs) – Oct 13 (Thurs), 2022
  • Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung, BNK Busan Bank Art Cinema, BIFF Square Stage



‘Made by Audience!’, REQUEST CINEMA is a main program that provides opportunities for the audience to become programmers of the Busan International Film Festival. Audience participants take on the programmer’s role of selecting movies to watch together, and the screening is greenlit when a certain number of tickets are booked through crowd-ticketing.
∙ Date: Oct 6 (Thurs) - Oct 10 (Mon), 2022
∙ Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung

2. Day X Day

Day X Day screens a series of films that fall under a certain theme or share commonalities, and provides an opportunity to delve deeply into them. This year, the Day X Day collaborated with 5 organizations and institutions, including the Petit Cinema Festival, the BUMA Democratic Uprising Memorial Foundation, the Directors Guild of Korea, Indie-AniFest, and the Korean Film Archive.
∙ Date: Oct 6 (Thurs) – Oct 10 (Mon), 2022
∙ Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung

3. Youth Special Program

The Youth Planning Committee, a group of young culture planners chosen by Community BIFF to communicate with the contemporary generations, organizes and leads the program. The screenings will be followed by various events.
∙ Date: Oct 6 (Thurs) - Oct 10 (Mon), 2022
∙ Venue: BNK BUSAN BANK Art Cinema

4. Master Talk

A special ‘real-time’ bidirectional commentary screening program that invites directors and actors, who have left memorable impressions, to screen film highlights together and share a real-time commentary of ‘behind-the-scene’ stories via online chatting.
∙ Date: Oct 7 (Fri), Oct 9 (Sun), 2022
∙ Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung

5. The Legendary Cinephiles Strike Back

A one-day package program where the audience can enjoy a talk after watching a series of movies selected in secret by legendary cinephiles. This year, critic and director Jung Sung-il selected the movies with director Mahbub Lee from M&M International.
∙ Date: Oct 9 (Sun), 2022
∙ Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung

6. Community BIFF Collection

Through Community BIFF Collection, the audience can experience media culture trends at a glance, such as trending films, YouTube, and K-pop Artists’ concept videos collected by Community BIFF. This year’s Community BIFF Collection includes an adult-only, self-served, midnight screening ‘Happy-go-lucky Night’, and a premiere screening of the winners at the Migrants' Arirang Multicultural Festival (MAMF), which will provide opportunities to enjoy one’s favorite addictive content all at once.
∙ Date: Oct 6 (Thurs) - Oct 10 (Mon), 2022
∙ Venue: LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung, Busan Museum of Movies

7. Events

A plethora of events will be offered such as Movie Quiz, where audiences compete in their affection for movies, Game Theatre: Interactive Cinema, which is an interactive game event that is held in a theatre, a screening and experiential event held at the Outdoor Stage of the BIFF Square in Nampo-dong, and the Community BIFF Road, which is formatted as a talk show that can be enjoyed from your own room.

Event Title Date Venue
Movie Quiz Oct 8 (Sat) LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung
Game Theater: Interactive Cinema Oct 9 (Sun) LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung
Community BIFF Road Oct 6 (Thurs) - Oct 10 (Mon) Nampo-dong BIFF Square
Village Filmmaking Project Oct 10 (Mon) LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung
Memories on Super 8: Once Upon a Time in Busan Oct 10 (Mon) LOTTE CINEMA Daeyoung