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Ashamed Korea 2010 129min D-Cinema color

 KIM Soo-hyun
World Premiere

Yoon Jiwoo, who had been plotting a fake suicide with pickpocket Kang Jiwoo, is cuffed by detective Min-yong and falls in love as destined. Jung Ji-woo and Hee-jin hear about their love story and start asking questions. Director Kim Soo-hyun셲 latest film, [Ashamed], is a story about three people, all named Ji-woo, that brings a new approach to presenting the sentiment of love through the language and bodies of women. Did they truly fall in love? Did they tell the truth? [Ashamed] travels between reality and fiction as it caresses the wounds and memories of love.
 While her first film Cute (2004) was a story of a father, a son and the woman between them, [Ashamed] addresses of the pain and reconciliation among a group of women. Kim셲 narrative is subtle and very unique in its delivery of familiar emotions into a new kind of experience, proving Kim is a filmmaker that possess a rare sentimentality in Korean cinema. (LEE Sang-yong)

KIM Soo-hyun
Graduated from the department of Theater and Film at Dongguk University. Kim Soo-hyun started his film career with director Jang Sun-woo through [To You, From Me]. Since then, he continued to work with Jang through [Petal and Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie]. He himself directed the teenager scenes of [Timeless Bottomless Bad Movie] where he was an assistant director. [So Cute] written by himself marks his first feature film.
KIM Soo-hyun/td>
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KIM Soo-hyun
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