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14th (2009)

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New Currents Award

Jean-Jacques BEINEIX
Jury Head / Director /France
French director BEINEIX is a recognized nouvelle image director. His debut feature Diva (1981) earned wide acclaim at the Moscow, Toronto, and other international film festivals in addition to receiving four awards at Cesar. In 1986, he won the top prize in Montreal with Betty Blue (based on a Philippe Djian novel), which was also nominated for best foreign language film at both the Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards. With these two movies, he enthralled the global audience in the 80s.
KIM Hyung-koo
Cinematographer / Korea
KIM has shot about 20 films including the short film Dead End (1993), Spring In My Hometown (1998), Peppermint Candy (1999), Musa (2001), Memories Of Murder (2003), Rikidozan: A Hero Extraordinary (2004), The Host (2006), Woman On The Beach (2006), and Happiness (2007). He is currently an associate professor of the Department of Filmmaking at the School of Film, TV & Multimedia at the Korea National University of Arts.
Director / Thailand
His debut feature Fun Bar Karaoke (1997) received jury award at the Nantes Three Continents Festival. He also directed Transistor Love Story (2001), which premiered at the Directors' Fortnight event at Cannes 2002, and Invisible Waves (2006) among others. His films have screened at previous PIFF events.
Terri KWAN
Actress / Taiwan
KWAN is a top actress in Taiwan. She received the best actress award at the Taiwan New Movie Awards 2007 with her debut film Drop Me A Cat (2003). She has since appeared in popular films such as Turn Left, Turn Right (2003), The Heirloom (2005) and Button Man (2008). Her most recent performance is the historic drama Prince of Tears that was invited to the competition section of Venice International Film Festival 2009.
Director / Turkey
The Turkish director drew global attention in 1999 with Journey To The Sun that won the Blue Angel Award at Berlin. Other directed works include The Track (1994) and Waiting For The Clouds (2003). In 2008, her movie Pandoras Box received awards for best film and best actress at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Flash Forward Award

Alissa SIMON
Programmer / USA
SIMON was Associate Director of Programming at the Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for 12 years. In 1999, she was named "Chicagoan of the Year" in the arts for her innovative programming. She served as a juror at the Sarajevo, Sochi, Torino, San Francisco, Cluj, Montreal, and Vancouver film festivals. She also contributes articles to Variety, CinemaScope, and other publications about films and film festivals in addition to being a programmer for the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.
Frederic BOYER
Director of the Directors' Fortnight Committee of Cannes / France
BOYER founded Videosphere in 1994 that has become one of the largest DVD-VHS stores in Europe. Videosphere holds a wide variety of films for film lovers such as arthouse, cult, experimental, auteur, and classic movies. Since 2003, he has been on the Directors' Fortnight Committee of Cannes as a programmer focusing on the US, the UK, Australia, East Europe, and Scandinavia. BOYER has been named the next artistic director of the Directors' Fortnight of Cannes.
Marianne SLOT
Producer / Denmark
SLOT participated as a co-producer or co-executive producer in the Danish director Lars von Trier's "Golden Heart Trilogy" - The Idiots, Dancer In The Dark, and Breaking The Waves. They first met in Breaking The Waves, the winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 1996. She also coproduced films with directors from all over the world. She joined the World Premier of the 13th Pusan International Film Festival to show Be Good as a producer. Recently, she again joined hands with Trier as an executive co-producer in Antichrist.
Kang Soo-yeun
Actor / Korea
KANG won the best actress award at Venice in 1987 for her role in < The Surrogate Mother > and another best actress award at Moscow in 1989 for her performance in < Come Come Come Upward >, which earned her an international reputation as a Korean actress. Since then KANG has been playing an active role both in and outside of the film industry.

PIFF Mecenat Award for Documentaries

Dorothee WENNER
Director / Germany
WENNER is a journalist, curator, and film director. She is a programmer for the International Forum of Berlin with a focus on Indian and Sub-Saharan Africa regions. Works that she directed 12 include Hollywood Killed Me (1988), 10 Foreigners Talking About Germany (2002), Star Biz (2005), Shanti Plus (2006), and Peace Mission (2008). Her works were introduced in previous Wide Angle sections of the Pusan International Film Festival.
Jane YU
Director of Taiwan International Documentary Festival / Taiwan
YU earned a Master's Degree from the Cinema Studies Department at New York University. She has been a film festival programmer since 1995. She served as a program director at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Women Make Waves Film Festival, and Green International Film Festival. She is a program director of the Taipei Film Festival and the Taiwan International Documentary Festival as well as a film critic and college lecturer.
KO Young-jae
Producer / Korea
Since 2006, he has been the secretary general of the Association of Korea Independent Film & Video. He is also the head of a film studio Nurimbo which produced Our School (2006), Life Track (2007) and Old Partner (2008) among others. He recently founded a digital distributor Indieplug Inc. to distribute independent films.

Sonje Award

Simojukka RUIPPO
Programmer of Tampere International Short Film Festival / Finland
RUIPPO is an independent documentary film director and producer. He has been a programmer and a selection committee member of the Tampere International Short Film Festival for 16 years. He co-directed his first documentary work Pyongyang Robogirl with Jouni Hokkanen in 2001. They made several films together including Children's Palace (2003), The Dictators Cut (2005), Migrant Workers Are Not Terrorists (2005) and DMZ (2007), which were invited to the Wide Angle at the Pusan International Film Festival.
TAN Chui Mui
Director / Malaysia
He is actively directing independent films including several short films. Among them, A Tree In Tanjung Malim was recognized at the 51th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. His first feature film Love Conquers All won the New Currents Award at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival. He is working on his second feature The Year Without A Summer.
YOU Ji-tae
Actor / Korea
He debuted in the 1998 movie Bye June. Starring in Attack The Gas Station!, One Fine Spring Day, Old Boy and Woman Is the Future of Man, he is one of the highly acclaimed Korean actors. He successfully debuted as a director with the short film The Bike Boy and How Does The Blind Dream. He has been invited as a jury to many overseas short film festivals.


KANG So-won
Film Critic / Korea

DANG Nhat Min
Director /Vietnam

Producer /Japan


Film Critic / Serbia

Film Critic / Italy

I Myung-hee
Film Critic / Korea
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