蹂몃Ц 諛붾줈媛湲 硫붾돱 諛붾줈媛湲


  • Period: Oct 4th (Thu) Oct 13th (Sat), 2018
  • 324 films from 79 countries
  • Screening Venue: 30 screens at 5 theaters (Market and P&I Screening excluded)
  • Busan Cinema Center, LOTTE CINEMA Centum City, CGV Centum City, MEGABOX Haeundae(Jangsan), Sohyang Theater Centum City

Total Attendance


World &
International Premieres

World Premieres
International Premieres

Asian Film Market

  • Market Badge: 1,737 participants and 911 companies from 54 countries
  • Sales Booths: 73 sales booths from 171 companies of 23 countries
  • Market Screening: 69 screenings of 64 films from 11 countries and 37 companies (38 Market Premieres)
  • Celebrating its 21st year, Asian project Market 2018 arranged the most number of meetings of all years (743).
  • Over 350 meetings held in E-IP Market, Book To Film, E-IP Pitching, and newly launched Asian IP Showcase demonstrated film industry셲 interest in original intellectual property.
  • Multifarious Asian Film Market than in any years with newly introduced Block Chain and Digital Distribution Platform seminar as well as Asian Cinema Fund, Platform BUSAN, and events organized by Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) and Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACOM).


  • The Year of Successful First Step of Normalization of Busan International Film Festival

    Since the boycott from the film organization has ended, the more filmmakers from Korea and the world have visited the festival this year as well as the actors and actresses. As for the case of Directors Guild of Korea, it showed a full attendance of directors at the Korean Filmmakers Night on the 5th and the 12th, and the Directors Guild of Korea Award has been resumed after two years. Many of major film productions, including CJ ENM, Lotte Cinema, Showbox, and NEW have held their own events to promote the exchange and the solidarity of filmmakers. In consequence, film festival finally proved to be normalized through making various events by many of filmmakers.

  • The Burgeoning Audience Participation in a Wide Variety of Programs

    A large number of audience and citizens has shown a great deal of participation in programs and screenings run in the festival arena including the outdoor BIFF Theater, despite the typhoon over the weekend. Also, the early bird ticket sales rate has increased by 10% compared to the previous year. 쁂ommunity BIFF 2018, the program run in the central area of Jung-gu, Busan, has offered the opportunities for the audience to experience and actively participate in the various programs, garnering many positive responses from the audience and promising to continue in the following year. There have been offered numerous exhibitions and VR booths at Busan Cinema Center, which provided yet another way to enjoy the festival and eventually led to an increase in the number of non-cinema going families visiting the festival. It has shown the will of BIFF to communicate with the audience at large by its decision to provide a number of interactive programs.

  • Revitalization of Film Festivals Networking and its Dynamics

    A number of Asian cineaste셲 participation has drastically increased compared to the previous year. Above all, both old and new generation of the Philippines cinema professionals took a big part in the festival and remarkable activities of directors/actors of features were captured at the networking programs such as Platform BUSAN and Asian Film Market which led to the revitalization of overall networking. Also, the dynamically changing trends of Asian cinema on the strength of young cineaste셲 brilliant exploit could have confirmed the bright future of the Asian film industry. In addition, majority of EFP (European Film Promotion) membership organizations have participated, as more European films have been selected compared to last year.

  • Asian Film Market Settled as a Hub of Networking with Focus on Contents

    911 companies participated for this year셲 Asian Film Market (which is the 38% increased than last year) and it focused on its function as a networking place that variety of industry sectors mingle together to seek a better content. The 21st Asian Film Market has recorded 743 meetings (which is the best score of all time) and more than 350 meetings for E-IP market. Other meetings which are involved with buying or selling have recorded as more than 5000. VR grabbed a huge attention from video industry and some pitching events related to block chain, novel, web comic, and the festival셲 official events including Asian Cinema Fund셲 AND event and Platform BUSAN events were full of diversity and relevance.


Special Honorary Award

Winner: The late HONG Young Chul / Director of Korea Film Institute

Busan International Film Festival Association of Supporters awards Special Honorary Award to the late Hong Young Chul to honor his lifetime contribution to local cinema. Mr. Hong made extraordinary achievement by discovering and organizing the history of Busan theaters.

New Currents

Winner: SAVAGE / CUI Si Wei / China

For a strikingly accomplished and riveting first film, exhibiting a mastery of genre cinema, with multi-dimensional characters and thrilling action sequences, the jury unanimously awards the New Currents prize to SAVAGE.

Winner: Clean up / KWON Man-ki / Korea

Original, surprising and deeply emotional, with detailed characterization, perfect control and masterful psychological development, the jury was completely engaged and impressed with Clean up and unanimously award it the New Currents prize.

New Currents
Award Jury

Head Juror
KIM Hong-Joon (Director / Korea)

Jury Members
KUNIMURA Jun (Actor / Japan)
Labina MITEVSKA (Actor, Producer / Macedonia)
Nashen MOODLEY (Festival Director of Sydney Film Festival / Republic of South Africa)
SHI Nansun (Producer / Hong Kong, China)

Kim Jiseok

Winner: Rona, Azim셲 Mother / Jamshid MAHMOUDI / Afghanistan, Iran

Winner: The Rib / ZHANG Wei / China

We proudly present the Kim Jiseok Award to two films from this year's A Window on Asian Cinema section. Rona, Azim's Mother, directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi, a stirring and beautifully acted drama about the plight of a family of Afghan refugees living in Iran, realized with great economy and emotional power. The Rib, directed by Zhang Wei, an empathetic and elegantly crafted portrait of the struggle for rights and recognition within China's transgender community, told through a story of parents and children, faith and identity at odds.

Kim Jiseok
Award Jury

Justin CHANG (Film Critic / United States)
HAYASHI Kanako (Freelancer / Japan)
Eric KHOO (Director / Singapore)

BIFF Mecenat

Winner: Opening Closing Forgetting / James T. Hong / Taiwan

The Mecenat jury first of all would like to highlight the high quality of the Korean selection and its commitment towards past and future historical matters. For the relevance and importance of its topic, as well as the deep research and profound dedication toward the unfolding of an unknown story, for its courage to explore a difficult human situation, the Mecenat Award for the best Asian film goes to Opening Closing Forgetting by James T. Hong.

Winner: ARMY / Kelvin Kyungkun PARK / Korea

For a strong cinematic approach, and an editing that allows to interweave both eloquently and subtly the personal with the collective perspectives in regard to the army, for its ability to reveal a phenomena that creates the roots of a society and of social relations that is profoundly influenced by its inherent violence, the Mecenat award for the best Korean film goes to Army by Kelvin Kyungkun Park. Finally the jury would like to encourage with a special mention Lee-Kil Bora to further pursue a brave political work and elegant formal approach.

Special Mention: A War of Memories / LEE-KIL Bora / Korea

The jurors would like to make a special mention of the film A War of Memories by director Lee-kil Bora. While dealing with the political issues in a confident and courageous way, she approaches it in an elegant manner simultaneously.

BIFF Mecenat
Award Jury

Emilie BUJ횊S (Artistic Director of Visions du R챕el / Switzerland)
LEE Hyuk-sang (Director / Korea)
ZHAO Liang (Director / China)

Sonje Award

Winner: Cat Day Afternoon / KWON Sungmo / Korea

Cat Day Afternoon is a satire film, which portrays a fear and a threat that single women go through, the reality of customer service workers who work under heavy loads of work and forced kindness, and hierarchical work space. This film fills a tiny space with the mix of heat and humidity and portrays a confusing situation which comes from a gradually accelerating tension and fear through a gripping narrative. We the juries are really happy to award this filmmaker who knows how to make the audience laugh while dealing with this heavy theme.

Winner: NOOREH / Ashish PANDEY / India

This story beautifully captures day and night with a captivating performance of the main character. An impressive track of light and darkness of the human nature that creates a folk sonata of the war reveals hope.

BIFF Sonje
Award Jury

Kamila ANDINI (Director / Indonesia)
PARK Chan Ok (Director / Korea)
Miroljub VU훻KOVI훴 (Film Critic / Serbia)

Actor & Actress
of the
Year Awards

Actress of the Year: LEE Juyeong / Maggie / Korea

We selected Lee Juyeong from Maggie as the winner of Actress of the Year Award. We give director Yi Okseop a big applause and it was our big pleasure and honor to discover Lee Juyeong셲 potential and enthusiasm for acting as simple and clear as it is. One of the quotes by Lee, 쁗e셶e got to believe as we promised to do so was beautifully spoken in the film and touched our hearts; thus, we finally came up with a decision of granting her Rookie of the Year Award as we support her endless possibilities in the future.
We also would like to highly appreciate actors who devoted themselves and showed fine performance in House of Hummingbird and A Boy and Sungreen as well as all professionals including child and veteran actors. Thank you!

Actress of the Year: CHOI Hee-seo / Our Body / Korea

Thanks to the tendency of prominent selection of female actors this year, we have inevitably decided to award another female actor instead of male actor. The winner is Choi Hee-seo of Our Body. Her stealing performance and perfect psychological development in all aspects of body, mind and expression have left us a long afterglow. A big applause goes to many talented nominators besides Choi and thank you for all of your great performances.

Actor & Actress
of the
Year Award Jury

YU Jun-sang (Actor / Korea)
KO Hyun Joung (Actress / Korea)

KNN Audience

Winner: House of Hummingbird / KIM Bora / Korea

BNK Busan Bank Award

Winner: The Little Comrade / Moonika SIIMETS / Estonia

Citizen Critics

Winner: Maggie / YI Okseop / Korea

This year셲 Citizen Critics Award goes to Maggie by Yi Okseop. Yi solves ubiquitous and common worries that today셲 young people hold inside in sensuous style. The way Yi depicted the music, colors/illustration and characters in response to narratives was superb that deserves the winner of 2018.

DGK (Directors Guild of Korea)

Winner: Bori / KIM Jinyu / Korea

It was successfully wiped out a long-lasted stereotype which a theme of people with disabilities is a tragic topic.

Winner: Sub-zero Wind / KIM Yuri / Korea

We wish to encourage and console at the same time to the filmmaker who didn셳 give up the theme for the last.

CGV Art House

Winner: Maggie / YI Okseop / Korea

Maggie well portrays the anxiety, contradiction and uncertainty that Korean youth generation has to endure both in private and public spheres with imagination and uniqueness. This is a kind of work that has its own incomparable unique color and style that deserves to be drawn by large audiences and won CGV Art House Award.

Busan Cinephile

Winner: Bruce Lee and the Outlaw / Joost Vandebrug / United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic

The winner of this year셲 Busan International Film Festival Cinephiles Award is Bruce Lee and the Outlaw by Joost Vandebrug. It셲 a very impressive work that the positive change in the main character, Nikus, is revealed by director셲 intervention. To add, the problem within Romanian society in the film is not simply portrayed by the criticism on the regime but conveyed through the lives of children on the street which touched audiences with a lot of empathy, resulting in the winner of the award.

KTH (KT HiTel)

Winner: Clean up / KWON Man-ki / Korea

A piece with a strong message of forgiveness and salvation with outstanding performance.

Winner: A Boy and Sungreen / AHN Ju-young / Korea

Robbing empathy from audiences with cute and vivid characters that portrays in different point of view.

KBS Independent Film Award

Winner: Maggie / YI Okseop / Korea

In the 1st KBS Independent Film Awards, 13 excellent films were nominated. Among the winners of this year, we unanimously award the prize to Maggie, which reminds us of the spirit of independent film that has been forgotten yet glows in the stranglehold and the stubbornness of an author. Thanks to its great direction, we will support all 13 directors and look forward to the next film.

(Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema)

Winner: House of Hummingbird / KIM Bora / Korea

NETPAC Award goes to House of Hummingbird by Kim Bora for: Citation: For its multilayered treatment of Coming of Age theme through depicting complex relationships of a teenager with her traditional Korean family and evolving modern socio economic environment.

(Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema)
Award Jury

TENG Lee Yein (Advisor / Malaysia)
Vidyashankar Neelakanta JOIS (Festival Director of Bengaluru International Film Festival / India)
YANG Kyungmi (Film Critic / Korea)

(F챕d챕ration Internationale de la Presse Cin챕matographique)

Winner: The Red Phallus / Tashi GYELTSHEN / Bhutan, Germany, Nepal

The international critics prize FIPRESCI is for The Red Phallus directed by Tashi Gyeltshen. The juries appreciated this film for its strong portray of powerful woman, beautiful landscape, original style and modern film language.


AHN Soongbeum (Professor / Korea)
Lukasz MACIEJEWSK (Journalist / Korea)
SATO Yuu (Film Critic / Japan)

Asian Filmmaker of the Year Award

Winner: Ryuichi SAKAMOTO (Musician, Artist, Producer / Japan)

Korean Cinema

Winner: Martine THEROUANNE (Festival Director and Co-founder of Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas / France)

Winner: Jean-Marc THEROUANNE (General Manager and Co-founder of Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas / France)

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