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Festival Accreditation

Festival Badges are for filmmakers, film festival delegates, professionals of the film industry or members of a cultural institution. If you already have registered for a Press Badge or Market Badge, you do not need to request accreditation for the Festival Badge.

How to Apply

Submit the registration including supporting documents within the due date  →   Pay the registration fee after approval  →  Registration completed

  1. 1 You MUST submit one of the following documents to prove that you are eligible for Festival Badge.
    • Proof of employment letter at a film company or film organization issued within 3 months

      * In case of a newly registered company or organization, the company profile and list of recent film-related projects are also required.
      * Business card is not accepted.

    • Filmography and proof of your participation in the film (i.e. IMDB link, captured images of the ending credit)
  2. 2Your application won’t be approved without up-to-date supporting documents regardless of past accreditations. Because it’s our festival policy to discard personal information after each edition.

Festival Badge holders are given

  • Tickets to access up to 4 different films a day (subject to seat availability).
  • Access to Guest exclusive Ticket Desk.
  • Complimentary Guest Package
  • Access to Press & Industry Screenings
  • Access to the Asian Film Market Exhibition Hall

    * Does not have access to the Market Screenings, Online Screenings, Market Shuttle, APM meetings and Invitation-only Receptions.

  • Festival Badge does NOT grant access to Opening/Closing ceremonies.
Type Period Fee
On-site Registration October 11 ~ October 21 100.00 USD
  • BNK 부산은행
  • 제네시스
  • 롯데시네마
  • 롯데엔터
  • CJ CGV
  • CJ E&M
  • 메가박스㈜
  • ㈜쇼박스

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