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Ticketing Information

Ticketing information

Opening & Closing ceremony booking: 9.26(Tue) 18:00 open ▶Online ONLY
General screenings booking : 9.28(Thu) 14:00 open ▶Online reservation & BUSAN BANK, BIFF ticket box will open during the festival period.

Type Place Period Operating time Payment
Via online BIFF website www.biff.kr 9.26~10.21 24-hour Credit card
Deposit card
BIFF cinema ticket

※Mobile payment (online)
BIFF Ticket Box Busan Cinema Center BIFF Ticket Box Outdoor 10.12~10.21 08:30~20:00
BIFF Hill 1F 10.13~10.21
Cine Mountain 6F 08:30~20:30
CGV Centum City 7F 10.13~10.20
MEGABOX Jangsan Haeundae 8F
Dongseo University Sohyang Theatre 1F
BUSAN BANK Any branch 9.28~10.21 09:00~16:00 Cash
Auto trade machine (ATM/Phone banking, 1588-6200) 24-hour Credit transfer
  • If tickets are sold out online, purchase is available at BIFF Ticket Box for same-day sales.
  • On the opening and closing day, BIFF Hill ticket box in the 1F at Busan Cinema Center will be opened until 15:00.
  • On the day of 'Midnight Passion', Cinemountain ticket box on the 6F at Busan Cinema Center will be opened until 24:00.
  • 10.21(Closing day), Busan Cinema Center will be under vehicle access control for Closing Ceremony from 5:00pm. Please keep in mind for the inconvenience.


Opening/Closing screening and ceremony Opening/Closing screening and ceremony(non-reserved seat) General screening 3D/4D Midnight Passion
KRW 20,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 6,000 KRW 8,000 KRW 10,000
  • Seniors, aged 60 or older, can receive a 50% discount off regularly posted rates.(Please have your ID with you)


  • Tickets purchased online can be issued at the BIFF Ticket Box and BUSAN BANK, please be sure of your booking number, NOT mobile phone or registration number.
  • Partial cancellation is not allowed: If you purchased two tickets and wish to cancel one of the two, both tickets must be cancelled. Single tickets must be re-purchased.
  • Ticket holders under the age of 19 are not allowed entry to X-rated movies even when accompanied by chaperon or adult guardian.
  • Lost or damaged tickets cannot be reissued.
  • Children under 6 are not allowed into screenings ▶ Except screenings in Cinekids section.
  • Certain theaters such as Haneulyeon Theater and Sohyang Theatre do not permit any food or beverages in the screenings except bottle of water.

Cancellation and Refund

  • Before the festival (until Oct.11) ▶No processing fee will be charged.
    • Tickets booked online can be cancelled via internet BEFORE issuing the ticket.
    • Tickets booked from BUSAN BANK can be cancelled at BUSAN BANK ONLY.
  • During the festival (Oct.12~Oct.21) ▶Processing fee of 1,000 won per a ticket will be charged.
    • Unissued tickets booked online can be cancelled via Internet. (Processing fee will be charged.)
    • Once tickets are issued, cancellation or refund will be available at BIFF Ticket Box ONLY.
  • For any screening schedule changes or cancellations by BIFF, a full refund will be available at BIFF Ticket Box until closing day. (No processing fee will be charged.)
  • There is no refund and no cancellation for same-day tickets. ▶ Donating tickets or re-selling via Exchange Box is available.
  • Payment with mobile phone
    • Before 9.30 cancellation is available online.
    • From 10.1, online cancellation is unavailable (Payment will be accomplished by mobile network operators). Please go to BIFF Ticket Box for cancellation or refund of your ticket.

Prohibition of Collecting Resident Registration Numbers

According to Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Use and Information Protection, you can not use your Resident Registration Number for identification purposes to pick up reserved tickets. Only the BOOKING NUMBER is needed. Please make sure to know your reservation number. The reservation number can be confirmed from the reservation list on the website or received through SMS.


  • Call Center: 1666-9177
      [ Operating Period ]
    • 2017.09.12.~10.21.
    • Before the Opening 10:00~18:00(Closed Sunday)  
    • During the Festival 08:30~21:00
  • Email: cs@biff.kr
  • BNK 부산은행
  • 제네시스
  • 롯데시네마
  • 롯데엔터
  • CJ CGV
  • CJ E&M
  • 메가박스㈜
  • ㈜쇼박스

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