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busan cinema center
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"Busan Cinema Center" is designed by Austria's 'Coop Himmelb (l)au,' the winner of International Exhibition carried by 7 famous international architects. The distinct feature of the structure is the cantilever form where, one end of the roof is anchored by the column and the other end of the roof is suspended in the air. The cantilever roof stretches out 163m and is the longest in the world. The total floor area of Busan Cinema Center is 32,137m2, and total floor space is 54,335m2. The Busan Cinema Center is a 9 story building with 1 lower ground. It houses a multipurpose venue that accommodates 841 seats, a theater that has 413 seats and two theaters that seat 213 each; in addition, it boasts an outdoor performance hall with a 4000 seat capacity.

Construction Background

  • Promote the construction of exclusive theater space for the Busan International Film Festival
  • Establish a hub to build a foundation for the central city of Asian Cinema.

Development of Construction

  • 2004. 04: Establish basic construction plan for the 'Busan Cinema Center.'
  • 2005. 11: Select the winner of International Ideas Competition (Architectural Design Competition) (Coop Himmelb (l)au)
  • 2008. 10: Select a construction firm and began the construction (Hanjin Heavy Industries)
  • 2011. 09: Completion and Opening Ceremony * Construction Period: 08.10.13- 11.9.28

Development of Construction

In 1968, Wolf Dieter Prix and Helmut Swiczinsky founded Coop Himmelb (l)au in Vienna, Austria. It showed superb talent through various projects that range from remodeling Vienna to the France City Plan Project.

    [Major Works]
  • Martin Luther Church
  • European Central Bank
  • BMW Welt (BMW World)
  • Roof Extension on Austria Vienna Falkestrasse
  • France Melun-Snart City Plan

Size and Facility

  • Location: 1467 Woo Dong, Haeundae-Gu (Centum City)
  • Size: Total Floor Area 32,137 m2,, Total Floor Space 54,335m2 (9 story building with 1 lower ground)
  • Cost: 1,678.5 hundred million KRW (Contributions: federal Government 600 hundred million KRW , municipal government 1,078.5 hundred million KRW)
  • Main Facility:
  • - Cine Mountain (9 story, 'Haneulyeon Theater', Midsize Theater, 2 Small Theaters, Office)
    - Double Cone (4 story, cafe, and restaurant)
    - Big Roof (BIFF Public Square Roof)
    - BIFF Hill (4 Story, BIFF Office, Busan Cinematheque, Busan Asian Film Archive)
    - Small Roof (Covers the 4000 seat Outdoor Venue)
  • BNK 부산은행
  • 제네시스
  • 롯데시네마
  • 롯데엔터
  • CJ CGV
  • CJ E&M
  • 메가박스㈜
  • ㈜쇼박스

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